what is the acceptable age for girls to begin going out on dates these days?


Dove - posted on 09/23/2012




In my home.... 16. Granted, supervised co-ed group activities are allowed throughout their entire childhood, but one on one dating and boyfriend/girlfriend... at 16 whether my child is a boy or a girl.

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That would depend on a few factors, your child's trustworthiness, maturity, your comfort level, the community as a whole (how close knit it is and the who knows who) My oldest daughter i let start wearing makeup in her grade 8 year, she was almost 13 (mind you, I sent her to a professional makeup counter and had her be taught the NATURAL look, not the clown crap I see everywhere) and I started letting her out in group get togethers as a reward for decent behaviour that same year (dances, movie nights, teen clubs with the Y). I let her start dating in singles at 15.


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