What is the best bottle for a baby that spits up a lot?

Katherine - posted on 03/20/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




What bottle would you recommend or not use for a baby that spits up/is gassy a lot?


Shannon - posted on 03/20/2010




We used the playtex with liners so we could push out the excess air. Of course, that was years ago - they probably have more choices out there. Some babies just spit up a lot. The reason for the gas is because your baby is swallowing too much air. It may not be the bottle at all. Make sure your baby has a good attachment to the nipple. Try not to over mix/shake to the point of lots of bubbles. You may want to let the bottle settle for a minute or two before feeding. During the feeding, try sitting the baby up a bit. One more tip...It may be that your baby is getting too much, too fast - therefore trying to keep up. One indication of this is noise. Another may be that they are out of breath after eating. If that's the case, try a slower flowing nipple. Many babies need more breaks during a bottle. Typically, the baby will spit up less if there's at least one break halfway through the bottle. One more thing. You will establish better habits for baby if you are on a sleep-eat-play schedule. Keeping the baby up after eating, rather than laying down, may decrease the spitting up as well as the gas. Good luck - hope this was helpful.

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There are a few things that help. We used Playtex Ventaire because they were easy to wash and very effective at eliminating extra gas. We also mix a batch of formula for the entire next day (24 hours) and keep it in the fridge. You can serve it cold or heat it in water or a warmer (not the microwave) depending how your baby takes it. With formula, if you mix each bottle fresh like most people do, it allows lots of air into the formula. If you mix a whole batch, the air settles out and is not as disturbing to the belly. Burp often. Keep upright or at a seated angle for at least 30 minutes after each feed.

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dr browns all the way....avent was horrible and the ventaires i found leaked. the playtex drop ins worked well too but the bags didnt work well for mixing formula....however, our daughter also has acid reflux and the dr browns combined with the nutramigen formula she's a completely different baby....8.5 months and the happiest little girl you will ever meet!!

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my daughter used to spit up alot when she was first born. we used the platex vent flo ones. they work really good. we also had to switch her formula from similac advance to the sensitive. when she turned 2 months the doctor said we could switch her back to the advance.

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Well, if your using formula you may want to think about switching to a different kind. My son had the hardest time with the one they recommend for newborns and he was gassy and spit up a lot too. He would have a huge gas bubble after every time he ate. We wound up switching to the Lipil AR specifically for kids with problems with spit up. Good luck.

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We were prescribed with Babies magic tea to get rid of excessive spitting up of our little one. It helped a lot.

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Dr. Brown bottles, you will absolutely love these. They were wonderful for my son who had acid reflux when he was really tiny. Also if your baby is really fussy/gassy you can use Mylicon, that is wonderful stuff and you can use it after it feeding it is completely safe and works great. Hope this helps!

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tried dr browns but prefer playtex drop-ins so i can push all the air out and dont have so many pieces to wash and try and assemble at 3am

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Yeah, I forgot to mention that. We used Enfamil Gentlease with her also.

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dr browns for sure thats all i use from the start i got some i also had a few others but i only used them ocationally but im expecting again and just bought more dr browns to add to the colection ha love them i still had to use the gass drops for a few months but it really is a god send

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DR. BROWN bottles.. they even have the different size nipples.. you know, slow or fast.. they even make one for rice cereal now.

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My son spit up a ton when he was little. We switched to Playtex Ventaire Advanced and Similac Sensitive RS formula and his spitup is no where near what it was. Hope you can get it figured out.

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The formula makes a difference, too. Our baby was Captain McSpitup, and we switched him to the Enfamil Thickened. He still spits up a little bit upon occasion, but it's NOWHERE near what it used to be.

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I used the dr browns bottles also but i had to change to the gerber bottles with the brown nipples because my son was drinking to fast causing him to spit up alot once i changed he stopped. So my advice would be to check the nipples before you spend alot of money on different bottles. Sometimes they flow faster than the baby can drink.

Ricki - posted on 03/20/2010




I absolutely fell in love with Dr. Browns Bottles with my second daughter. She was gassy, fussy, had stomach issues and was just all around cranky. We decided to try them and threw out all the others. They're a bit pricey and a pain to wash but well worth it. Also, try Mylicon (generic is cheaper, of course) and Gripe Water if she gets colicy. Just mix the Gripe Water in with her formula and it works very well!

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