What is the Best Therapy for my Son with Asberger's???

Angela - posted on 12/31/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son was diagnosed at age 4 one year ago this month with Asberger's, ADHD and generalized Anxiety Disorder. We have tired medication, behaviorists, social skills groups, 123 Magic, cognitive therapy. I still am not sure if anything has made a significant difference. First we tried Focalin XR he was a mute in the am then slowly came to life throughout the day then by 3 pm he was a crazy man. He is uncontrollable and worse than if he had never been medicated. Like a rebound effect from all the energy being suppressed all day long. He also lost weight and would eat a light breakfast before the pill in the am then not take another bite of food until 9pm at bedtime he would say "I'm hungry". He lost 7 lbs and only weighed 50lbs to start. We did not medicate on the weekends and his appetite would just start to recover by Monday and then we would give it to him all over again and the cycle kept going. next we tried Qullivant XR an new Liquid long acting Ritalin this worked longer than the Folcalin but not much to say about the side effects still no appetite. My husband I were fearing that the lack of food was causing some of the behavior issues too because who is not grumpy when they need food??? His brain told him he wasn't hungry but his body was craving fuel. Well we decided to move on to the non stimulants we started with TENEX which is guantafine but short acting generic that didn't work very well so we switched to Intunive 1mg at bed he was passing out around 1pm the next day and was comatose. He would sleep for 4 hours then want to party until 11 or 12 at night. We switched to the am and a little better on the sleep but his behaviors were still atrocious. The developmental pediatrician said he was not on a therapeutic dose so she upped him to 2mg at night. Well he started falling asleep at 1pm and not waking up till 6 or 7 pm. We have been on this dose for around a month and we have nothing to show for it he was kicked out of winter camp they said he is kicking and hitting everyone and when they try and reprimand him he hits the councilors. I am so sad I do not know how to help my son we have taken away all his fun, his tablet his TV time. We have spanked him, we have tried to reason with him, tell him that if Daddy hit mommy like you hit people he would go to jail. We ask him if he would like to hang around people that hit him and he says no. He honesty seems like at the time he had NO impulse control and he seems to feel bad after. We have a 19 month old daughter and I haven't seen him be aggressive with her but I worry that he could hurt her when I am not looking. He seems like he is loosing his self esteem too he constantly says "I love you Mommy I love you Daddy" like he needs to be reassured that we still love him in spite of his behavior. At this point after reading all the posts about aggression on Intunive I think we might have to discontinue use of that and think about something else. My son is 5, he will be 6 in Jan if any of you have been here before me please tell me some of the things you have tried. Thank you so much!!!


Maryann - posted on 12/31/2013




Hello, my son was diagnosed with aspherger syndrome at six years old and after many, many doctor visits and thirteen different meds it seemed as though the mood stabilizers such as Seroquel and Risperdal worked best for him! He is now 21 years old and still has mild meltdowns and bouts of immaturity but is still taking the med that helped him best Risperdal and Clonidine. I remember the trying years and thinking things would never get better but they did. In my opinion the acting out for my son was his level of maturity and as with any typical child that always improves with age! I'm so very proud of my son today and all that he has achieved graduating from high school and has had the same job for two years. Still no driver license but hoping that'll come soon! So sorry your having a difficult time with the med changes I so remember that!

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