What is the best way to get rid of heat rash?

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He has a rash on his chest, back, arms and face. They are tiny red pimple looking things.


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Both of my girls get heat rash as well we keep them in cool soft clothing, luke warm baths and I put some oatmeal into the leg of an old pair of panty hoes and tie it off and let them siqish it in the water, it won't leave messy flakes in the tub and they will get the calming effects of the oatmeal. Also have him drink lots of water.


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My little girl is 15 months old & she's been out in the heat then i started to notice that she was gettin little red bumps on her but they are not getting any bigger & she don't itch them she has a little bit on her face, some on her arms & legs but none on her belly or back i know its got to be heat rash anyways do you have any answers about getting rid of it also i have tried a baking soda bath but so far it hasn't worked much so can anyone please help me

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My boy battles the heat rash too. I've asked my brother (an RN) to look it up and his advice is keep it clean, keep the baby in light soft clothing, keep him out of ANY heat, and do not put ANYTHING on it.... Even powder is going to clog the pores. His new skin is learning how to sweat.
I have put him in an oatmeal bath when the rash seemed really angry, and it did calm the rash some. I took about a cup of dry oatmeal flakes and ran them through the blender. I sifted off all the smallest particles of powder and added that to a cool bath. It did calm the rash SOME... it wasn't red and angry anymore, but it did NOT make it go away. Only thing that made it go AWAY... is staying inside :(

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He is 22 months old. I give him cool baths without soap and I put the aquaphor on his face but I was afraid of clogging his pores so I didn't put it anywhere else.

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How old is he? It might just be a typical newborn rash if he's only a month or two old, not heat rash. If so, just warm water washing daily, no soap, and it'll clear up. If you're certain it's heat rash, corn starch is a good option, after washing with warm water and no soap, plus light weight clothing vs being overheated.

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