What is the best way to keep 4 year old intrested in reading?


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Anna - posted on 05/29/2012




My two year old loves to read (much to my chagrin sometimes). We always read stories before bed time, and he likes going to the library to pick out "new" books. Routine and personal enthusiasm work best. You can't influence someone else to do something if you yourself don't want to participate.

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The library is a great idea. Lead by example is helpful too. Read lots yourself and include your child in what you are reading. Allow your child to chose the books he/she might like to read. Let him/her look at magazines and junk mail also... after all, it's all reading.

Jennifer - posted on 05/29/2012




Read to them. Make "learning time" fun and game-like. Take them to the local library for book readings and activities, check out library books. If it becomes a chore, it will turn them off.

Kaitlin - posted on 05/24/2012




find things they like. If they love trucks, get books about trucks, etc. Magazines are great- who doesn't love a magazine?. Do they like to get mail? You can sign up for free stuff online and use their name, or have family members send them letters, or even send some yourself.

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