What is the best way to potty train my 3 year old son?


Ariana - posted on 10/09/2012




Has he shown any interest? Does he ever sit on the potty?

The number one rule for potty training is do not force them to do anything they don't want to do.

I would first get books/videos for him to watch about potty training. Have him read potty books etc, and talk about who goes to the potty (you do, his friend does, uncle/aunt etc.). If his dads in the picture have him take him into the bathroom with him, you should take him into the bathroom with you too.

After you've done that it all kind of depends on how he reacts to it. If he's resistant you should simply see if he'll sit on the potty and give him some encouragement (save the woohoos! until he's actually gone pee).

If he seems ok with going and is compliant try to ask him to use the potty sometimes, if he doesn't don't force him. With potty training I've known people who got their kid using the potty in days and others (like my own) who take a long while. Step by step process.

If you can spend a weekend at home with him naked after you've done some potty stuff. A weekend where you aren't planning on going out or doing anything other than focusing on potty training. This isn't necessarily a quickand easy potty training method but can be good for starting things off.

Also once things start going do NOT make a big deal of messes. The whole point is to be positive when he succeeds in using the potty and act at least neutral when he doesn't. Even if you just sat him on the potty and 5 minutes after he poos his pants do NOT make a big deal of it. You have no control over whether he goes or not and the best you can do is encourage and stay positive.

There is no best way, just the way that works for your son.

Good luck!

Remember, do not make the potty a battle under any circumstance, you cannot win that type of battle. Plus no one goes to their prom in a diaper, it might seem like forever but it'll happen.

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