What is the most embarrassing thing you did as a mom

Reggy - posted on 02/11/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




This past weekend I took my son to work with me. I work with handicapped people and once a month we have a little party for them. I dress my son up in a outfit and he hands out candy and toys . We both enjoy doing it. This time my son was a Bunny. When we were done and cleaned up. We headed home I needed to stop get milk and bread. My son was still in his bunny suit. As we were walking out of the store these older ladies were walking in and My sons bunny ears hooked this one ladies hair net She started going Oh No Oh No. It was so funny we got in the car I started laughing and crying and then I peed my pants. Not just little My butt was all wet. I told my son I just peed my pants He said Thats Ok Mom That lady scare me and I peed mine too. We were sum slight a 32 year old woman and 10 year old in a bunny suit and both in wet pants. I'm still laughing with tears in my eyes. You had to be there.


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Lissa - posted on 02/12/2011




I have one moment which is my embarrasing and also not my proudest.......
My son was around seven and having issues shall we say this involved taking a number of my things and breaking them after going through all the calm ways of dealing with it to no avail I cracked. I told him if he picked up another thing I would throw his playstation out of the window and see how he liked his stuff being broken. So he picked up something and broke it, so here I was thinking if I throw the playstation out what am I teaching him but also if I don't I'm showing him I don't mean business. So out the window it went, I don't know who was more shocked, him , me or the neighbours out in their gardens. It was a ridiculous moment that we can now laugh at.

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The most embarrassing thing that has happend to me was not as a mum but it was with my mum. At age 14 my mum suddenly decided that she was going to go to church so she asked me if I would go with her. I am not religous but I said i would. So we went to church in this newly built building and went to the back so we could observe what was going on. All was going well until the congregation was asked to sit down to the sound of a giant woppee cushion. Every chair in the building was full of air and let off the most revoulting farty sound. Well that did it for me I looked at my mum and she looked at me and we had tears running down our face trying not to laugh out loud. In the end we decided to leave before we wet ourselves. It did not give me any spiritual enlightenment but it gave me a jolly good belly laugh.

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Note: That wasn't a sarcastic comment or anything, I really do think it is great to find the humor in things :o)

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