What is the next period like after a miscarriage? Is this normal?

Chana - posted on 11/04/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I didn't even know I was pregnant. What I have just been through was definitely an early miscarriage (within the first 4 weeks of pregnancy). The process seems to dovetail with my regular cycle and brought new symptoms.

I will see my doctor tomorrow are there any pertinent questions I should ask?

What is the best course to recover? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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I would ask for an ultrasound, even if your doctor doesn't offer one. Say it is for peace of mind that your body is finished.

I've never had a normal miscarriage, both of mine were traumatic to say the least and both resulted in having to have a D&C.

The reason I suggest the ultrasound, is that with my last miscarriage I stopped bleeding about a week and a half after it started. But looking at the ultrasound they saw that I still had some clots. When they went in and removed them, my uterus was inflamed underneath. From the date the miscarriage started to the date I had the D&C it had been 4 weeks. They did try medications first, but it didn't work.

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