What is the phone number for the pre-recorded daily message for Santa for my son to call?? I can not find it anywhere.


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I never knew about the emailsanta.com website which sounds really awesome because I remember when I was little my parents did that for me & I still have that letter 25 yrs later! I'm so happy to hear this information, thanks so much for sharing!

Chrissy - posted on 12/03/2008




I found this for a call FROM Santa - http://www.santashotline.com I also found info on this one - Visit http://www.TelSanta.com for instructions, frequently asked questions and to test 1-877-TEL-SANTA for yourself. I found what I think you're asking about (1-800-972-6242), but when I called it to check and see if it was right or appropriate, it didn't work, and wanted to lead me somewhere else. I didn't try it past that point.

Rebecca - posted on 12/03/2008




Hi Kristen. I don't know a phone number, but have you gone to emailsanta.com? There, your son can fill in the blanks to send a letter to santa and one comes right back from santa and it's personalized for your child. It's really neat. Hope this helps.

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