What is the point in telling me my son does not look like me? Is it an implication he isn't mine? I look young for my age and this mother at the park was questioning me like I was pretending to me my son's mom! What is the point of that question, and why would anyone be so rude as to say that?!


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people are rude. my son is mixed but looked completely white when he was first born and people went around asking why the baby was white. people don't think before speaking. you just have to ignore them

Bonnie - posted on 04/10/2011




People need to learn to keep comments to themselves. That is ridiculous. If she wants to make conversation, she should stick to the weather.

Tirzah - posted on 04/10/2011




I was just like..really? Most people say he does..I was so mad. I didn't go through nine months of pregnancy, 13 hrs of labor, pain and suffering to heal, sleepless nights, and pure exhaustion like every other mom on the planet just to get him to where he is now..to have someone try to take away all that by implying he is not mine..I think I will say that if someone ever says it again..SO RUDE!!

Jenni - posted on 04/10/2011




hahah... sorry not laughing at you. Just how ridiculous some people are. Actually, people have told my hubby that our son doesn't look like him! I'm like, what are you trying to say, we should get a paternity test??? Funny because my son (blonde haired/brown eyed) looks just like his dad when he was his age (he had blonde hair as a toddler and brown eyes). My own son even identifies pics of my hubby when he was a boy, as himself. There is not a single person in my entire known family with brown eyes! Well, expect one of my first cousins who has an Italian mother.

Strangers have some nerve sometimes. Maybe, she didn't mean it that way... maybe she was just trying to make in her eyes "innocent" small talk. I don't know I wasn't there. Maybe she wanted to know if he looked more like his dad? idk, honestly... I just try to treat these sort of comments with an inward eye roll. Although I have been known in some scenerios to let the odd sarcastic comment slide. ;)

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