what is the problem with my baby?

Rooshany - posted on 04/18/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




my baby was breastfed from birth n was unsettled ,cranky n having very loose stools .his ped was not sattisfied with his weight n stuff so he reccomended him lactose free formula..he was fine with it for almost a week now again he seems to be very cranky having loose mucousy stools ..what seems to be wrong with him..he is five months old...plz reply


Krista - posted on 04/18/2011




There are a few things that can cause mucus in the stools. One is an intestinal virus. The other is teething (babies who are teething tend to drool more, and swallowing all of that excess saliva can irritate the intestines).

Either way, it's worth contacting your ped again, just to see what he says.

But one thing to keep in mind is that breastmilk stools are SUPPOSED to be very loose. If your doctor is thinking lactose is the problem, then I would recommend trying to go back to breastmilk if you can, and just limit your OWN consumption of lactose.


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Louise - posted on 04/18/2011




Once you have started solid feeds you should find that he is more settled and the stool problem will sort it's self out. Once you have established solid feeding if he is still like this then take him back to the doctors for more tests just for peace of mind.

Shannon - posted on 04/18/2011




AT 5 months its possible that he could be teething and that will make him cranky, my kids all got very loose stools while teething. They also had loose stools while i was breastfeeding (my kids may have just been full of it :-P) I would call your Ped and see what they say. There are multiple things that could be going on, Good luck and God Bless.

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