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Melissa - posted on 09/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Imagine for a minute that you are out running errands. You pull into the parking lot of a big box store. As you step out of the car you notice that the door on the minivan in the spot next to you is slid open. Inside is a little girl who appears to be around 3 and a little boy who appears to be around 1. Both are strapped into car seats. There is not a parent or other adult anywhere to be seen? It is 90 degrees out which sort of explains the open door but not the lack of supervision.

What do you do? Do you go in the store and check when you come back out? Do you wait until a parent shows up and possible give them a lecture? Do you call the police?

I would really like to hear everyone's opinion on this situation. Have you ever left young children in the car if you were just running in for a minute?


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Ev - posted on 09/12/2013




Where I live it is against the law to leave children unattended in the car period. Also there have been so many news reports of kids being left in cars in the heat and they died because a parent forgot them.

That being said, I would stay with the car and the kids and call the police and also children services. If the parent comes out ask them if they realized they left the kids on the car alone. Tell them it is a bad idea to leave the kids like that because they can die in the heat or be taken. Try to even get them to talk to you to keep them there until the police come back. You could also go into the store and alert the manager to the problem and they will either call the cops or page the parents. If you have no way to call the cops then I would definitely tell the parent that leaving young children unattended in a car is dangerous and could lead to death, being taken or some sort of accident.

My mom once went to the store to get something and she saw a baby in its carseat alone in the car. When she got to the checkout, she told the clerk there about it and she knew the clerk well. She also said it was stupid of the parent to leave an infant alone like that. A few days later she went back for something else and that clerk told her that the woman behind my mom in line had been the baby's mother. My mom told her good, I hope she learned something.

I have never left my kids alone in the car. Its not only dangerous, but its also stupid. I do not know what people are thinking when they do this. Some believe it saves time so they can hurry to get that 1 item or pay for gas. Some do not think anything will happen. ANd some must not really care. Makes me wonder why some people had kids in first place if they can not take care of them. Kids are not little adults. They need us to take care of them and teach them things....leaving them in a car alone is not something they need to learn.

Gena - posted on 09/12/2013




We have never realy not once left our son in the car even if we just had to run into a shop for 1 item. I just think of what all could happen,kidnapping,car gets stolen with baby,car starts to role off or just any thing..
I tried to put myself in that situation and i think i would stay by the car and ask somebody that walks by to come and look and ask if we should phone the police..if we dont phone the police i would wait for till the parent comes back and i would let them know how iresponsible it is to do that and tell them the dangers. And ask them how they would feel if i would have unbuckled the kids and drove away with them.Or if they actualy know that children have DIED in the car because of the heat.
Thats my personal oppinion.

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