What is wrong with my almost 7 year old daughter?

Trista - posted on 01/19/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




She is now in first grade and gets sick around 3 times a month. Last year in kindergarten she didn't get sick nearly as much. It's really starting to scare me. I took her to the Drs a month ago and they said she had strep throat. I made sure she took her antibiotics on time everyday for 10 days hoping that it would get rid of the infection but not even a week later she was sick again coughing non stop with a fever. It's like clock work. I'm hoping its normal or if anyone has and ideas what could be going wrong or what I can do.


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Sonia - posted on 01/19/2015




Well for me to stumble upon this is great because the same thing used to happen to my now twelve year old daughter. The best things to do about it is not to be introduced to anything cold. This may sound stupid but coldness can trigger a fever and make things worse. When she is feeling a little ill or just after she has recoverd don't go swimming or go to school if she is feeling just the littlest bit sick. Wait until you are sure she is better.

Next you will want her to be put on a diet program to see if she has minor allergies to any foods. This can be a big factor in recovery and preventing sickness.

This is up to you but I wouldn't be feeding her anything high if artificial colours or flavours and anything to sugary.

Maybe try avoiding candy for a while.

Also bone broth is very good for sickness.
Having gurkins, rocket, chicken soup, vinegar and try avoiding to much dairy.
I hope this has helped. If not you may want to visit a health specialist or a different doctor. I hope she starts to get better soon. -Sonia

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