What is wrong with my five year old?

Hosna - posted on 04/30/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




She is my firstborn and I don`t know what to do with this entire school situation.

She will soon start school and outside our home she has a lot of social problems.
Up until she was three and a half she couldn`t hear properly and was a troublesome child who bit, hit and scratched other kids. No one suspected bad hearing and everyone looked at her as an impossible problem child. Other kids didn`t like her and were afraid of her. After her ear tube surgery her language skills improved drasticly and also the biting stopped. However other things has continued like: hitting other kids, teasing, acting like a cat, spitting on her hand and wiping her peers with it, and so on and so forth.

At home she is a completely different kid. Yes she is super active but not as obnocious as descried above. She is so smart, beautiful, funny, helpfull and freakishly good memory and although stubborn at times she is a good kid. I don`t think she has ADHD or autism. I do however think she does a lot of shit because she either gets insecure or just plain bored and acts out. In a few months she`ll start school and we have decided to talk to the teacher about her behaviour. I honestly don`t know why she acts like a weirdo outside our home and it really annoyes me.

Why can`t she just act normal among others in different social settings as she does at home and with family in general?:( I`m so sad because of this and sometimes although I don`t want to feel like this I resent her a bit for it and she embaresses me when she acts like this.

Her younger sister (soon 3) is just the most precious thing, loved and liked by all and she also has a baby brother who is 2 months old that she loves.

Sometimes I feel bad because I think maybe we treat her as if she`s older than five because of her height. She looks a lot older than she is. I`m just so afraid that she has taken on this role of being weird and difficult because she knows what to excpect in terms of reactions. I think she has a really crappy self esteem because she sais "I`m bad and ugly" and sings a song as if this is nothing.

Any advice?!

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