What is your best advice for dealing with 2.5 year old toddler melt downs?


Sarah - posted on 10/22/2014




When you can walk away. Don't feed into the melt down. If the 2 yr old sees that the melt down does nothing then she/he won't do them as much. But also make sure that the melt down is not due to hunger or being tired. If it is getting close to a meal/snack time or meal/snack time has been pushed back offer a health snack that can help. If he/she is tired then try to have a napping schedule in your day to help avoid the melt downs from happening. Also plan activities around meals and naps so there is less melt downs when you are out and about.


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Sarah - posted on 10/22/2014




There is no reasoning with a crazed 2.5yo. Either ignore it.....or scoop and go. I agree with Sarah H that avoiding fatigue and hunger will limit the number of fits you have to deal with from your child.
If you cajole, bribe or reward your child, you will just create a cycle of tantrums.

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