What is your child like at 20 months? does he/she talk alot, what kind of things do they do?


Peita - posted on 05/08/2011




My daughter is nearly 19 months and is the most hyper 19 month I have ever come across (she is my 3rd child and I have worked in childcare centres for 10ys, so have met a lot of children lol). She has about 10 words she says and is a bad squealer, she points a lot if she wants something.... Activities she loves to do are go outside, art/craft (she particarly likes painting), musical instruments and dancing, she loves playing with tea sets and plastic/toy food, she is always trying to keep up with her 7yo brother and 5yo sister, she slepps a lot because of how busy she is all the time, she has about 2hrs during the day for sleep and then 13hrs at night and those sleeps are usually solid sleeps, no waking at all :-) She started wanting to use the potty about 2 months ago, but has lost interest in that now and she will not sit still for any kind of tv show... She is exhausting for me, but so much fun at the same time :-)

Rachel - posted on 05/08/2011




My daughter is 19 months. She started really talking a bunch, and repeating things we tell her to say around 17 months. (Before that she only said what she wanted when she wanted.) She likes to play outside, dance, run, jump, talk on the phone, climb on everything she can, color with crayons and markers, do puzzles, watch some t.v. shows, and read books. She likes to try to do things on her own (put on shoes, blow bubbles, go on the potty).

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