What is your favorite diaper bag?

Kari - posted on 11/10/2010 ( 23 moms have responded )




I would love suggestions, I have yet to find my favorite diaper bag. Something cute and organized would be great. I would love a recommendation for a great backpack, but I'm guessing not many of them are cute and functional. So, I'd settle for a cute and functional messenger bag. I just bought a Ju Ju Be Pack a Bee and thought I'd love that, but I really don't. Considering the price, I should love it. Any ideas would be great! Thanks, Kari


Romy - posted on 01/12/2012




Dear Kari , I have written down a list of all (hopefully of all :) diaper bag manufacturers...(I am the designer of sweet morning diaper bags)...Best Wishes to you and all mummys in the hole wide world...from Germany - yours Romy...

'''Wickeltaschen: Hersteller - Marken:'''

'''Diaper Bags: Manufacturer - Brands:'''

* [http://www.sweetmorning.de Sweet Morning]

* [http://www.oililyshop.com/de/ Oilily]

* [http://www.roomseven.com Room Seven]

* [http://www.pinklining.co.uk/ Pink Lining]

* [http://www.laessig-fashion.de/ Lässig]

* [http://www.allerhand.com/ Allerhand]

* [http://www.timiandleslie.com/ Timi & Leslie]

* [http://www.oioi.com.au/ OiOi]

* [http://www.okiedog.com/ Okiedog]

* [http://www.iltutto.com/ Il Tutto]

* [http://www.petuniapicklebottom.com/ Petunia Pickle Bottom]

* [http://ju-ju-be.com/ Ju Ju Be]

* [http://nestdiaperbags.com/ Nest]

* [http://fleurville.com/ Fleurville]

* [http://www.jplizzy.com/ JP Lizzy]

* [http://www.storksak.co.uk/index.html Storksak]

* [http://www.babymel.co.uk/home.php?home=y... Babymel]

* [http://www.skiphop.com/ Skip Hop]

* [http://www.isoki.com.au/ Isoki]

* [http://www.hoppop.eu/#/de/home Hoppop]

* [http://jjcolecollections.com/ JJ Cole]

* [http://www.nikkichris.com/ NikkiChris]

* [http://www.babykaed.com/ Baby Kaed]

* [http://www.diaperdude.com/ Diaper Dude]

* [http://hollyaiken.myshopify.com/ Holly Aiken]

* [http://cadenlane.com/ Caden Lane]

* [http://www.danielleelizabethdesigns.com/ Danielle Elizabeth]

* [http://www.thebumblecollection.com/ Bumble Bag]

* [http://www.hoohobbers.com/ Hoohobbers]

* [http://www.gogagalife.com/ Go GaGa]

* [http://www.babystar.com/ Baby Star]

* [http://www.dadgear.com/ DadGear]

* [http://www.miabossi.com/ Mia Bossi]

* [http://www.kalencom.com/ Kalencom]

* [http://www.amymichelle.com/ Amy Michelle]

* [http://www.cricketandmonkey.com/ Cricket & Monkey]

* [http://www.pout-baby.com/ Pout Baby]

* [http://www.babybee.de/ Baby Bee]

* [http://www.lizlange.com/ Liz Lange]

* Skooch

* [http://www.trend-lab.com/ Trend Lab Baby]

* [http://www.rubadub-dub.com/ Rub a Dub Dub]

* [http://hadakishop.com/ Hadaki]

* O Yikes!

* [http://www.babydish.com/ Baby Dish]

* [http://www.wallaboo.nl/ Wallaboo]

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Lydia - posted on 01/12/2012




i always just used a regular purse and throw in a few diapers, wipes, nursing cover, later sippy cup and snacks. now my toddler girl loves to have her own little purse so i use this sometimes she carries her diaper/wipes/sippy cup in there. i like to have the snacks in my purse though for less mess.

Angie - posted on 11/15/2010




LOL, my favorite when my children were little I carried a bigger purse. I breastfed so all I needed was a clean diaper, some babywipes, and a receiving blanket for "meal time". Extra clothes were left in the car.

Tabby - posted on 11/13/2010




I went to Ross and got one of the biggest purses I could find... I'm a small person so an actual diaper bag always seem to big for me. I chose a purse that side pockets and a couple inside pockets. I think it cost me $20...

Rebecca - posted on 11/13/2010




Believe it or not the back pack I used most and Loved was a black backpack from Goodstart that ws free when I went to a pregnancy class. I actually have a brand new one, if you're interested.

Iysha - posted on 11/12/2010




I have the one that doubles as a booster seat by munchkin, forgot it turned into a bag too...we never use it, not enough fits. It is great for short outings to the park though. about 2 bottles, a small formula plastic container and a few diapers fit well.

Iysha - posted on 11/12/2010




I have only used my purse for a diaperbag. I used a cute roxy beach bag for the first 7 months then I found the most awesome bag/purse at Marshals and use that now. I wanted to get a diaper bag but it never happened and my daughter is 16 months, hopefully out of diapers soon. lol...I never had a problem with just using a purse except for when We went on our 3 day road trip....my purse wasnt quite that big so I resulted to using plastic bags for the food. Not the cutest way to carry stuff but it worked =]

Kasi - posted on 11/11/2010




I know this sounds really crazy, but my favorite diaper bag was a lunch bag that I bought at Target. I have had many many different bags over the last 5 years - from $200 Petunia Pickle Bottom bags to my Target bag - and it wins. It has a waterproof liner, keeps the bottles at the right temp, has different pockets, and it is stylish and cleans up very easily.

Rachel - posted on 11/11/2010




I had a Pipsqueak bag. An Aussie company (online). Was absolutely fantastic for me, everything folds up into the bad, changing mat the lot with washable mats. Not so great if bottlefeeding but I LOVED mine. Check out - www.pipsqueak.com.au

Laura - posted on 11/11/2010




I actually got this nice bag from the hospital that had my "female" stuff in it. And I just use that. Excited to be having another kid cuz the zipper just broke on it and I need a new one :) But then again I'm not very organized.

Christi - posted on 11/11/2010




I actually don't use a diaper bag. I just bought a really big shoulder book bag and use it as a purse and diaper bag, simple and I don't have to carry two bags around with me!

[deleted account]

I went through half a dozen diaper bags before I went to the beach and immediately adopted my beach bag as my diaper bag. It is WAY bigger than any diaper bag I've bought...It has a bunch of tiny pockets inside and outside for bottles...medicine and clean clothes. There is always enough room for my own purse to fit inside it with extra room left over for a little cooler of snacks and sippy cups.

Lise - posted on 11/10/2010




I loved my J.J Cole messanger bag. Lots of different colors and patterns. Well organized.

Brianna - posted on 11/10/2010




I have a jujube backpack that I love, it is magnetic so no loud noise when you open it and the baby is sleeping, lots of pockets to keep things organized and on big space for anything else you need!! Love it:)

Renae - posted on 11/10/2010




Oh Kapoochi are great too, my first diaper/handbag was a Kapoochi, but now I have an OiOi.

Renae - posted on 11/10/2010




Oi Oi!! Huge range, fantastic bags, last forever.

I dont know how people have a separate diaper bag and handbag - that is way too difficult for me. My diaper bag is my handbag and it goes everywhere with me so I always have everything.

Check out www.oioi.com.au.

User - posted on 11/10/2010




I have a "guide series" camo backpack from Gander Mountain for a diaper bag. The one side pouch fits a bottle in it perfectly! Then there are 2 larger pouches inside that fit diapers for both of my kids, pack of wipes, and a fold and go changing pad. The rest of the bag is great for change of clothes, treats, toys, etc. Besides...it's the only thing I could find that worked as a diaper bag and my husband would carry too :D

[deleted account]

I LOVE the Haiku Messenger bag (by Sharon Eisenhouer). It doubled as my diaper bag & purse. It was the perfect size to carry everything I needed without being too bulky. Plus, at only around $80 (If I remember correctly) It is way cheaper than the Ju Ju Be lines.

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