What is your success story with early intervention?

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I would love to know about moms who have undergone early intervention with their speech delayed toddler, & how has your child improved after being in the program?

My DD is 28 months and is awaiting to be evaluated by a speech pathologist, encouraging stories will be so appreciated!


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OMG, this is so perfect of a topic for me right now. My son has delays in speech and cognition. Well, he did. Basically, my short story is that I am a stay at home mom and don't have any friends with kids his age. He spent his whole first 3 years with just me, mainly. I never knew there was a "problem" but I suspected that because he'd not been exposed to other kids his age much, that he would have social issues. Social issues, as it turned out, were not a problem. He had speech delays. What had happened was that my husband and I were so used to his baby talk, his hand gestures, that we didn't know that anything was out of the ordinary. Like, he met all of his milestones but when it came to showing what he knew to others (his evaluators), he lacked skills in speech. So we enrolled him in what is called Pre-School here. Basically, the school he goes to is considered a "special needs' school but the range of "needs" is wide. There are children like my son, who are at one end of the spectrum, all the way to children with Down's Syndrome or other severe special needs. Since being around other children every day and seeing a speech therapist at school twice a week, his speech issues have practically become non-existant. After almost a year around other children, he does still have issues. Things like, he says, "I FINK" instead of "I THINK". Normal. I think your daughter is a little young to start trying to diagnose anything. It all depends on her day to day environment. The evaluation you get on her will be helpful, but don't ever let that define her. She is amazing and will be fine as long as you continue to show what is obviously a loving concern for her. Just try not to fit her into a box. She may end up like my son, entering Kindergarten someday with normal speech issues, with normal, average children, smart as a whip and not a bone of fear in her. It's all in how you percieve it. Just make sure you keep letting her know how proud of her you are and how much you love her. With that behind her, she'll be just fine.

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