What just are they feeding to our chidren in scool these days?

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I will eat lunch with my son in school on days that he wants asks me to, but the food I would not even eat myself, and they are allowing our child to eat what?! I have seen stale hard, cold breads, rotten fruit, frozen foods not defrosted ,Bruised fruit,Dried out sauces, hard noodles, rock hard pizza. etc...On top of that these children are not allowed to talk during lunch! WHAT? I have seen children standing up eating, leaned forward and standing up over the table eating, in corners not eating at all! Is this a prison or a school, ummm in jail they serve and allow you meals and to eat meals. They have gone way to far!


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/11/2013




Sounds like you're picking just to pick. In the US, there's a mandate about what can/cannot be fed to children, and most school cafeterias have a planned menu that's handed down from the state.

Don't know where you're at, but lunches at my kid's schools have been top notch, full of healthy choices, and actually better (and less expensive) than hitting a restaurant during lunch.

Gena - posted on 10/11/2013




Move to my country, here the kids go home from 12oclock till 13:30 to eat lunch at home.

Jodi - posted on 10/10/2013




Send your kid to school with his own lunch if you don't like what they serve. That's what we do in Australia. Common sense.

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