what kind of job i can do to earn some money with a one years old at home.

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ok my husband doesn't give me money for my thing and i am feed up of it. when i ask he say he doesn't have it n i believe him because he works 12 in the after noon to 6 in the morning and we still are not making enough. we are just paying the bill and rent. i want to help him. so can you plz help me and tell what i can do at home to bring some money in the house. i cant do prove reading because my English is no that i barely pass in school. so can you tell and that i can do that doesn't need up front money. thank you very much.


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If you want to work from home you need to think and come up with something you're good at. Once you figure that out, you figure out what to make and how to sell it.

Our local farmers market has people who come every week and sell pies and other baked goods. We have street fairs once a year where people sell all sorts of things from food, homemade spice rubs, blankets, jewelry, ect.

I know our local organic coffee shop buys pastries from numerous people to sell in their shop.

My foster mom would make amish looking dolls every Christmas and sell them at a flea market to make money for Christmas.

I hand make costumes (mostly children's) sell them on a site called etsy. They have a site where you design tees and people buy them through the site. (starting that one soon) I recently began making cosplay and then I wait until i get orders to custom make them.

If you can figure out what to do, you should be able to find a way to sell it. Some require very little money- like cooking.

Or you can go the route of babysitting. I also do this too (can you tell I keep busy?) 2 nights a week I watch my neighbors child and 4 days a week I have a friend's toddler. On days i have both of them I am working 14 hours that day, I watch one in the morning until 4, the other is here at 4 . It's money though, and it helps us with bills.

Another idea is to consign all unused clothing. Children go through clothes so fast that they outgrow them before they wear them out. Even if you consign them and use the money to buy new clothes for the children, it saves a ton on clothing cost.

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