What kind of sports or hobbeies to engage a hyperactive child?


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Ariana - posted on 10/12/2012




Martial arts is really good for self-control. I also find swimming is really good, water can be very calming and works the whole body.

You could always put him in both and see which one he likes.

If you put him in a program though don't just let him quit or take him saying ' I don't want to go' before class as a major sign he doesn't like it. Sometimes kids find it difficult to transition from what they're doing right now to what they're going to do later. Only if the child seems really miserable all the time when he's doing classes let him quit, and even then make him finish the session (however many classes you've paid for etc.) to show him he can't just quit.

I say this because my Dads a karate instructor and he's had so many people say their kid said he didn't like it, or ask their 4 year olds if they want to stay, even while in class the kids were fine. Or they leave because they were embarrased by their kids behavior (wouldn't go on the floor the first week, got pushups etc) even though getting pushups is just showing them how to act in class. Parents are usually more embarrased by it then their kids are...

Sorry offtopic! Like I said, martial arts and swimming are really good, but anything active that your child enjoys will probably be good for him.

Amy - posted on 10/12/2012




You can try Tae Kwon Do or Karate, part of their teaching is self control. You could also try gymnastics or soccer. Have you asked your child what they want to do?

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