what kind of thermometer ???

Tonya - posted on 10/03/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




My sister is having twins and ask me what kind of thermometer to get. She would like one that either goes in the ear or on the forehead. She want excact brand that people recommend so if you can let me know everything you can about it. that would be great.


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Brun thermoscan in the ear is the best

my son is nearly 5 and we still use it and I have bub 2 on the way so Im sure I will use it for the next couple of years asewll.It is very accurate and is used by Gp's and Hospitals.Its great for the whole family to use !!!!!!they retail around $100 but its money well spent as it last for years and years :-)

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My MIL is a daycare provider and has been in the business for 30 years. Saything that, she got me the Vick's brand with the large lighted face when my first baby was born. I can use it rectally (it has little plastic covers for the grossness that can occur...), under the armpit, or under the tounge. I used it from day 1 for my kids and I have had no problems.

My MIL has a Braun ear thermometer and has used it forever. It's easy to use and always accurate.

Just know these tips: rectally - subtract 1 degree from the result; armpit - add 1 degree to the result; ear - accurate; under tounge - add 1 degree to the result.

My MIL told me that and I figure she really knows what she's talking about. :) Good luck!

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I wouldnt suggest an ear one. They arent that accurate. Im not sure about a forehead one...i have an ear one but after looking up on it more i decided to go with a mouth,under arm and rectal one. But Ill be using it for under the arm. Ill have to add a degree but thats not hard.

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i love the braun ear themometer, i have both the forehead and the braun one and the ear one works better in my oppinion i only got the forehead one cuz it was on sale 4 5 dollars at walmar, it works but its just more complicated to me.

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I took my son in for his first fever before he was one and the doctor had one that you place in the middle of the forehead and roll to the temple. I've used it ever since. It works great! Oh I got it at Babys R Us!

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I've used the braun thermoscan for the ears for 14 years. For infants I had an armpit thermometer but I used both - they weren't any different. THey might be a degree off, but no more than that.

I'm tempted to get the dermal scan - that seems so nice....

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my doctor told me that for babies you shouldnt use the ear thermometers, as there ears are very little and dont get an as accurate reading as you would with a digital one you put under there arm. i have both an ear and digital and i find the underarm one is the best for me

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I just bought the kind that you run across the forhead. However, you can also place it just behind the ear lobe. It works great. I tried it on my three children behind the ear and it registered the same temp on the same children twice in a row. Amazing. The in your ear kind would never do that because you can tilt that thermometer in different directions. Any slight variation of the tilt would change the temp. I love my new one. I got it at SAM'S for $29.?? plus tax.

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I have a BRAUN Thermoscan... It is an ear thermometer.

I like it because it works very fast!!! Once you turn it on it heats up to around a normal temp so it takes less time when putting it in their ear. I think it takes 3 seconds to take actual temp. Also has a long beep if it was an acurate reading, and short beeps if it was done improperly... How many thermometers can tell you that you took the temp right?

Plus forces you to use a filter (cover to protect thermometer lense and also pretect against cross contamination) I think the thermometer came with 80 and my son is 1.5 and I still haven't used them all.

The thermometer also has a nifty to snap in hard case so you can take it with you and not worry about it... the case also holds 20 of the filter covers. And the thermometer has an ejection button for the filter cover so when your done you hold it over the garbage and push the button... it pops right off!

Super easy and I love it...

Here is a link


Good luck! :)

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I have the Exergen Temporal Scanner Infrared Thermometer. I have had it for about 5 yrs and I LOVE it! Very easy to use.

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They dont recomend those for taking infant temps because they are not acurate enough. They recomend to use either rectal or auxillary (armpit) I use the Vicks brand thermometer it has a large lighted digital face, the face turns green if there is no fever, amber if there is a low grade fever, and red if a high fever. It takes 8 sec to get a temp.

Amber - posted on 10/03/2009




i prefer the temporal thermometer. I have Always had accurate readings from it, and i love using it. They DEFINATELY DO NOT wake up sleeping babies which is great and it's not uncomfortable.. I personally use the Exergen Temporal Scanner i got it from Target for $29.88, but i know you can buy that same kind at Walmart Babies R Us practically any store. Hope that helped you out!!! Good luck with Twins!!!

Bekah - posted on 10/03/2009




The Exergen Temporal Thermometer


is the best I have ever found. Very reliable and accurate. This thermometer is used by a lot of hospitals and pediatricians. It is also extremely easy to use.

I bought mine at Walmart for $30 at Toys R Us they are about $50 but well worth it!

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