What kind of visitation schedule do you have with your kid's dad besides the norm of every other weekend?

Amanda Jillian - posted on 03/01/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




So far we have been doing every other weekend and one day a week. His dad wants to up his visitation I have no problem with this but do not want to do what he suggested of 2 weeks with me, 2 weeks with him. I need my son more often than every 2 weeks.


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Michelle - posted on 03/02/2013




Up until last year we were doing week about then we changed it to 3 weeks at a time, just because the boys were older and it was less disruptive for them. We still did every 2nd weekend in that as well.

As of a few weeks ago I now have the boys for 3 weeks and he has them for 1 and still every 2nd weekend. This has only changed because of driving charges against him.

Doing shared really only works if you can communicate with each other and live in the same area.

Amy - posted on 03/01/2013




I'm just starting the process but what I'm going to be asking for because of my work schedule is I get one full weekend a month, my ex will have one full weekend a month, and then he will have them every Friday through Saturday till 6, and then one other night a week till 8. Like I said though we haven't even gotten that far so who knows what's going to happen.

If you are in the same school district maybe you could do every other week.

Dove - posted on 03/01/2013




I know a family that has their boys (youngest is in 6th grade) switch off every week. I'm sure they change it up when needed as they live only a few minutes apart. Would that be an option? I'm sure there has to be a compromise somewhere between what he currently has and what he is asking that will work for all of you. Sit down together and just discuss it. If you need help sorting it out you could sit with a mediator.

My situation is incredibly different. My ex hasn't seen the kids in over a year....

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