What little comforts help when your baby is sick?

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We got vaccinations yesterday and he is just NOT happy. For the last 24 hours he has pretty much just lay here on me whimpering. I have tried hot baths, (he screamed like a banshee the whole time) reading books over and over again, (I have memorized bubbles bubbles on my nose, bubbles bubbles on my toes) singing, (that just makes him madder) cuddles with Mama, (punched in the face a few times) every drink in the house, (he smacked the cup, drink slung everywhere, bed linens in the washer now) and every snack in the house. (he's not even interested in blueberry waffles! )

He is taking Tylenol every 4/6 hours as I see fit... he is being medicated. I am hoping 'yall can share what little comforts your children enjoy? Please? I'm just about brain dead here!


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Angie - posted on 08/05/2010




Bless his heart, none of my children were ever bothered by shots except in the few seconds after. When my son cut his finger off and needed to be distracted on the way to the hospital, he put his head on my lap, I played with a hair and read him a book.

[deleted account]

Every inch of advice here was helpful! You ladies saved me yesterday... for REAL! I had tried everything I knew, but this baby hasn't been sick much at all, I am not experienced with what to DO when he's just whiney and cranky. I can handle meltdowns, tantrums, over stimulation.... all the WELL issues, I just haven't seen him sick often enough to know the 'tricks' that make him feel better.

He did have a serious fever, I only gave him more Tylenol if I felt his body getting hot again. I've never been one to over-medicate... I didn't even take Tylenol myself when I was pregnant with him. He's off the Tylenol now, I haven't seen fever since yesterday afternoon. Last night was nice and normal.

I would LOVE to be able to determine WHICH vaccine made him sick, but it's hard to do that. They "shotgun" him with 4 different needles, some fighting more than one virus at a time. How CAN you determine which one made him so sick? I paid close attention to the prick sites, One looks like a nasty bug bite, another looks like someone punched him in the arm. The two on his legs didn't seem to swell, make his legs hot and I can't feel a lump behind the injection sites.

If anyone cares to hear a rant... Hold still, it won't hurt long. MAN I hate making him sick! This boy has NEVER been sick. No throwing up, no fever, barely ever a deviation in his poop. UNTIL I take him in and they give him those damn needles! I know they are necessary, but something in me just keeps nagging that it's not very healthy to shotgun him with so MANY different viruses to fight off at ONCE! What if he had a serious medical reaction? They are going to have to GUESS which one he is reacting to! I'm not saying DON'T vaccinate, but what would it hurt to do them one or even just TWO at a time? Why so many at ONCE? OK, I'm done ranting.

I set a plate of fruit and wheat crackers out for him, he ate a few grapes, a celery stick and fed five crackers to the dog. I fought him to eat just ANYTHING... until I put that plate out, he ate on his own. Thank You! He ate MORE from the plate on the coffee table than he has eaten for me in the last 24 hours. Hehehee... I did put him in the high chair and offer him a popcicle... that went over well! :) a bit messy, but at this point in time, a little mess is NOTHING!

He doesn't really have a security blanket that he is attached to, but the blanket from his bed worked just fine! I brought it downstairs and he kept it busy. It was constantly being drug into Daddy's chair, Over to the dog, now the dog is laying on it too, then it's in the kitchen floor... He really liked having his Cars blanket downstairs yesterday. Thank you for that advice, I didn't know he was so attached to it! It was a great comfort to him. :)

Should I have to ask his doctor before I start Advil or Motrin? Only thing he ever tells me is "Give him some Tylenol." Is that just a generalization or is there a medical reason to ASK before giving him a different pain killer/fever reducer?

That website Alison suggested is AMAZING! I didn't know such existed! There are games that let your baby play with the computer mouse and keyboard. WOW! He stayed SO busy playing with the mouse making the merry go round sing... It gave him GREAT practice with his favorite new words, "I do it" It was a great way to pass the time when he decided nothing made it better but sitting ON me.

Ladies, once again, you saved me! I was at wits end and when I got here, You all gave me amazing advice that REALLY saved the day.
Thank You, DEARLY!

September - posted on 08/04/2010




Our son likes homemade soup, his favorite blanket and his Momma's arms when he's not feeling well.

Alison - posted on 08/04/2010




I have found Tempra to be ineffective with pain. Advil/Motrin are much better!

How about popsicles or even chewing on ice?

And this website:

http://www.uptoten.com (click on Boowa and Kwala)

Schyla - posted on 08/04/2010




my girls didn't have trouble with shots, but when they don't feel good I give them a warm or cool cloth to put on their owie and I just pretty much let them rule to roost! (they do however NOT react good to the flu shot and I gave them Popsicle and snuggles or just let them be if that was what they wanted.

Dora - posted on 08/04/2010




WHen my son is not happy and I can't make him smile I give him sometime to himself. I also put on his favorite show and make sure he has access to his toys. I keep my distance and just watch him. That seems to help. Other times he just wants to be held. Don't keep giving your child meds if it is truly not needed. Also see if your child acts a certain way when receiving a certain vaccine. It maybe something in the vaccine giving him a reaction that his body just doesn't like. That happened to me son. I saw a trend with one of the vaccines and so now he is not allowed to ever get that particular vaccine again.

Louise - posted on 08/04/2010




When my daughter is feeling poorly she likes to be left alone. She has a small fleecy blanket that she snuggles into for bed and I let her bring it down stairs when she is ill. Also a favourite is to sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. As for food just leave a plate out in reach and eventually they will snack on something whether it is grapes, breadsticks, cucumber or banana or fruit loaf. Your toddler will eat when they are ready. I would only give pain killer stuff if he is displaying a temperature as this medication taken regularly can upset the stomach which makes him feel that he does not want to eat. I hope he turns the corner soon and is back to his happy self!

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