what milk best for 6 months old baby?


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ask lang po ano po maganda na milk for 6 to 12 months baby? 1month t0 6 months s-26 ang milk ng baby ko yung pink..ok!nman sya malakas mag.dede..kaso wala kasing s-26 na 6 t0 12 months..6 months na baby ko ngaun..ano po ba maganda na milk sa kanya..

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Breast milk is best, but if you are asking about formula then you need to look at the recommendations on the packaging. There are formulas for different age brackets, so you will need a formula designed for babies over six months of age. Don't give cow's milk until the baby is about 12 months of age.

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i know too many mothers who give their babies normal milk (cows milk) as early as 5 months... please dont fall into that category!! stick to a formula until baby is 12 months.

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It doesn't really matter what formula brand you use, I think they're more or less the same. Just don't jump around between them, because it's hard on the baby's stomach. I used Similac Regular Lower-Iron Step One formula. It's better to use the full-iron stuff, but my poor little one got tummy-aches from it.

Also, the one labelled "Stage 1" or "Step 1" is the one you want. It's for babies. There is another formula called Stage 2 for toddlers, but in my opinion it's just a marketing scam to keep parents paying them lots of money even after the child can drink regular milk.

At 6 months, you can stop boiling the water to mix the formula with, but of course if you're not sure that the water is clean, you should keep sterilizing it.

Oh, just to add, of course breastmilk is best, you can keep nursing until your baby is one without being strange, and lots of people go longer than that, too. In my experience, it's much easier for the baby to digest, and keeps the baby healthier. But I assume you're asking about formula.

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Breast milk. DO NOT give an infant regular cow's milk or soy milk. That is not adequate food for a baby. Breast milk is what a 6 month old baby needs. If you can't give breast milk then some type of infant formula is your next option.

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