What milk substitute should I give my 16 month old?

Shanna - posted on 01/25/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter has trouble digesting dairy and she gets a rash every time she eats/drinks it. Yet supposedly she's not allergic (so says the allergy specialist.....ha!) I'm still breastfeeding a few times a day and I am trying to wean her completely but I don't know what the best choice would be. I drink Rice Milk, but I don't know if that's nutritious enough. I've tried goat's milk and she makes horrible faces and throws it at me! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Another note, you may not start off as allergic but be intolerent and if this is not sorted out you can form an allergy then progress to anaphylactic.

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She may not be allergic, she may however be intolerent, or depending on the dairy you are refering to she may not be breaking down the lactose within these things. Breast milk includes lactose as does goats milk and cows milk and cow based formulas. You can have a look in the market at the tins of formula and see the different types there are, but soy and rice milk are not reccommended, they do not have enough essential amino acids, they contain too much protein and they also, unless they have these added, contain less calcium and vitamins, there are more suitable formulas like: HA (hypo-allergenic) cows' milk formula, and many others on the market, but go for a formula rather then any type of other milk. Also do make sure to introduce it slowly, as with any change over in diet it can cause a reaction initially as her body gets used to it. If she ever shows signs of breathlessness though or swelling seek medical attention straight away.

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We do soy milk here. My son is anaphylactic to dairy and goat's milk. Rice doesn't seem to have the calories a toddler needs at that age. We choose soy based on that and pricing. 4 yrs into it and even my hubby and I don't notice the soy anymore, although we both drink milk. I would do either soy or almond milk. Almond milk is naturally fortified, soy is artifically. Soy is the cheaper and you can find great cheese, yogurt, etc. If you need help with recipes, let me know - I can share!
What does the rash look like? What did the allergist say? I mean, did he do a skin test or take history? The reason I'm saying, is that it took nearly a yr to get my son diagnosed. He had severe eczema from about 2 weeks on. And he was breast fed. At 9 months old we started noticing that he'd get a rash (hives, I later learned) from TOUCHING cheese, formula (supplemented), etc. Doc after doc told me "It's impossible to get hives from just touching an allergen." Finally got them convinced it was the dairy, we cut it all out of his diet and w/in 2 weeks, his eczema cleared completely! This was before seeing an allergist. We gave him tastes here and there of things. Still hives from touching. And I noticed he got congested if I made anything that had powdered dairy (formula for daycare kids, instant oatmeal, etc). Odd, but still didn't have referral to allergist, so I kept a mental note. It was when he tried a chip (Tostitos Hint of Lime) and went into start of anaphylactic reaction that I realized the severity. Finally just took him to allergist, and it was confirmed. He is anaphylactic by TOUCH, SKIN CONTACT & INGESTION. I guess, I'm telling you this because I want you to take your gut feeling seriously. If the allergist says no, but you believe yes - see another allergist. Take in notes of how she reacts, take pictures of her rash and a time frame of when it comes up after ingestion/touch and when it leaves. Also if it goes away if you give her benadryl. Follow your gut, so that hopefully she'll outgrow this. At this point, my son may not outgrow it due to the fact it was in his diet for so long that it went from slight allergy to anaphylactic.


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The allergist did a skin test which came back negative for allergies to both dairy and soy and she said that she probably just had an intolerance to protein and to avoid these foods until she's at least 1. At 1 I tried reintroducing dairy again and she didn't seem to have her digestive problems like she was before. I wasn't giving her a lot of dairy...just a little at a time. Just in the last few weeks I started noticing little hives around her mouth when she would eat, like, cheese all by itself. If there was dairy in something it wouldn't cause the hives, just when the dairy was by itself. And, yes, it would go away when I gave her Benadryl! Both my husband and I had eczema and dairy intolerance as babies and both grew out of it by 2, so I'm hoping that if we keep avoiding the dairy she will just outgrow it. Thanks for the info and support! Mothers need to stick together!

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My son had a horrible time with dairy as well. I started him on soy milk and all was fine. :) Good luck with your little one!

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Try goats milk.

then rice milk,

then soy.

The allergy specialist ought to be able to tell you about the nutrition values of each.

i've had goats milk - a friend of mine has a herd of dairy goats, its not that different from cows milk but it is a little different and it takes a while to adjust.

My kids couldn't tell the difference when I used it in their cereal.

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