what options are there for a mom on disability to start over with 3 kids

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Need help with housing on fixed income and bad credit


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There are a lot of options for a mom who is starting over on her own with three kids and actually it does not matter if you have a disability or not. I have a friend who did this. First though, where is the father or fathers of the children and are they not paying support. If not you need to go to legal aid and get that done. Second, you can go to the Department of Human Services or Family Services in your area and they can direct you to get houseing, food stamps, and even insurance for your kids. They will take in your income to account along with what rent, utilities and other things you are paying right now and help to determine if you are eligible for the help or not. Housing is done on its out and is a federal program and can take time to get into depending on area and waiting lists. But you still might get some help for rental assistance otherwise from other sources. Human Services can also direct you to places to help you with groceries, clothing, and other things in your area. Third, go to local churches, food banks, and other resources that you can find to get help with even more things. If you have no car and there is a transit system, make use of it. Fourth, get help from family in whatever ways that they can help you. It might not be money but they might give you rides places, help you get food, help babysit the kids i you need help that way, or even if not family get the same help from friends. I do not know how you accessed the internet, but if you have that in your home, you need to cut that and other expensenses like cable and other unneeded things to help save money to use for things you do need. Also check into those free cell phones because some of them have cheaper plans for minutes beyond the allowed number per month and that will save money. My friend can get another 750 minutes I think for 5 bucks on the plan she is on if she wants it.

The thing is there are options like I described above. My friend has three kids (almost all adults now) and she used those options above to get the help she needed for the last several years to make it for them. She has no disability either. And having a disability might also get you some other services that she did not get because she did not have it. Department of Human or Family Services might be able to get you more information on that.


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