What punishments should I give fir this kind of behavior?

User - posted on 03/24/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




Not listening, attitude, back talking, the cussing? Now not listening to Nana and I know this is not normal 12 year old behavior not all at once, she is throwing little baby 3 yr old fits because I will not give her way! I am highly frustrated


Ev - posted on 03/24/2014




In all actuallity it is normal 12 year old behavior though the 3 year old fits I am not sure. The not listening, attitude, talk back and cussing are normal for this age to use to push the boundaries yet again. She is seeing how far she can push your buttons and if you get frustrated and show it she is going to win in one respect just seeing you go nuts. If you want to get her attention take away all her things and leave her with a bed, clothing, and basic hygene items. Make her earn the other things back. Also if you have to; do not allow her to spend time outside home with friends.


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