What qualifies one as a "crazy cat lady"?

CANDIS - posted on 05/22/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 14-yr-old daughter, Cricket, is an animal lover, extraordinaire. She is particularly fond of cats--in fact we call her the "cat whisperer" in our family. If there is a stray cat within five miles of our house (especially one that needs a bit of tlc and "doctoring"), it ends up coming home with her. This is all well and good in that my daughter is learning compassion for others weaker than herself, she is learning valuable animal husbandry skills that will aid her in her chosen career of veterinary, and she is doing something positive which takes her out of the "angst-ridden" funk of teenager-dom. The flip side is that these cats usually end up taking up residence at what my daughter lovingly refers to as the "kitty hotel"--i.e. my house! Currently we have six cats. The population bloomed so rapidly in the past year that I let the age of the two newest female kitties slip past me and missed the window to get them fixed before their first heat. Yep, you've guessed it!...More cats!!! One cat is currently nursing a litter of six kittens and the other female is due any day to download and additional three-six. When I found out the second cat was pregnant, I called the vet and he said get her in within the week and he would spay her--terminating her pregnancy in the process. Cricket went ballistic. "MOM!," she gasped. "You cannot give Rizzo a kitty abortion. That is just wrong. All those kitties deserve a chance at life!" (I was glad to know that my values were taking root in her mind--it was just inconvenient at this moment.) So, Rizzo the pregnant cat is experiencing her pregnancy in comfort and style safely ensconced in my daughter's bedroom. Secretly, I think she fears I may whisk the cat away to some back alley clinic while she sleeps. But no, the teeny fetal kitties are safe and I will care for them with my daughter's help just as I did for the kittens of the other mama cat, Sophie.
So, let's hear it ladies....
Am I well on my way to being the crazy cat lady? Do I just need to put my foot down? Is there a valuable lesson for my teen daughter to be had in the exploding cat population here in Middle Tennessee. I would be interested in knowing what the rest of you think.

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