What right does a father have when hes not married and he wants to take the baby away?

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I have a new born son and i have been having severe problems with my boyfriend. At some point i have thought seperation is whats best for both me and the baby because he likes to argua and yell in front of the baby. however we're not married and hes on the birth certificate. At some point he tried to take him away completely and I was angry because his mother covered him up. But i just want to know that if we seperate does the baby automatically go with me until an agreement haas been made or what.. I know that if i take him to court he'will do evrything to take him away but i know i can win but what i dont want is for him to get arrested because he has done some\bad things..I just think its maybe best for me to get away from him especially because i know that hostile environment is no good for my son and i just want whats best for him. However i do worry about the environment he will be in if he is under the care of his dad because my boyfriend id not very mature.


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Honestly a police report is the best thing. If he is abusing you call and file a report. That will start a paper trail. If you get up and leave take the baby with you. Start the process immediately, don't give him the chance to take the baby.

As a newborn, if the child is breastfeeding especially, the court will not take him from you, unless there is documentation of you abusing the child.

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