What rights do we parents have on the public schools when it comes to our gifted children?

Marina - posted on 11/25/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need help!, I'm sure I'm not the only one that is frustrated when it comes to our gifted kids education. I don't know if I should even fight for my daughter anymore. My child learn how to read at 2 but is specially interested in math and science. When tested for gifted on last school she school 97% in Kindergarden at age 5. She is doing multiplication and division at home and adding and subtracting in the thousands at home but at school she is doing 8+1 stuff. I asked the teacher to please give her harder work but she hasn't done it yet. When asked why she said she is not showing consistency in her basic math at school which I think is BS because she didn't have any work to prove it to me. Plus, I have her returned school work with all 100% . I think the teacher is just trying to avoid having more work for her. So my question is can I request a math placement test at school ? They don't have a gifted program until 3rd grade and I feel my child is being left behind to accommodate the teacher and other students. What are my rights in a public/theme school? And what have you done to help your children if you went thru this same situation. Please help me! :(

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