what's a good birthday gift for a 6 year old???? The last gift i bought her was a phone,and in one day,the charger was lost!


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Chana - posted on 04/01/2015




I have to agree with Michelle, 6 is too young. At 6 she should still be pretty easy because she is still young enough that she likes toys. So find something she likes and go for it. Most 6 year olds right now are really into Monster High, Frozen, Barbie and the Princesses, like Michelle said. At this time of year outside toys are nice because summer is coming. If you don't want to do that money is always an option if she has parent that will take the time to take her shopping and help her spend it wisely.

Michelle - posted on 04/01/2015




For starters, 6 is way too young for a phone.
In regards to a gift for her, what does she like? What TV shows/movies?
Have a look through the store and find something relating to what she is into at the moment.
My 5yo loves Monster High, Barbie, Frozen or anything crafty.

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