What's a good teacher thank you gift?

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One of my daughters kindergarten teachers, that has taught my other children in the past, is retiring this year; what would be a nice gift we could give her to show our deep appreciation?


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I always send every teacher a thank you card every year to show that I do care about their hard work, care or just putting up with the day to day crap of being a teacher lol

I write specific notes in each card to each teacher. Short tihngs, telling them sometimes just 'thank you for taking the time to write out all the math problems so in depth on the board, it really helps.' or more personal when I really come across a teacher who is exceptional.

a gift though... I think anything coming from the heart will hit the marker.. so I'd definiatly do a card and write a little in it.. and I'd try to think about what she may have laying around or have told me in the past that would help me buy her something she would really like or use. A small trinket necklace if she ever wears any maybe. A gift card to a spa. Oh, try groupon . com in your area for discounts on great things like the spa. I recently got my boyfriend and his best friend go kart tickets for like 1/5th the usually price with a free yearly memebership. As you can buy them 'for a gift' for someone else too. I've seen chocolates on there, facials.... it's worth a shot. I also hear about living social and zozi being the same


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My daughter and I made jam for her teachers this year. We did it all from scratch (and from the berries we grew in our yard last year - we had frozen a bunch of them) and then we canned it ourselves. It was a great Mommy-child project and we had a lot of fun. I'm also going to make each of her teachers a loaf of bread and some cookies (she has 3 teachers this year - the regular teacher, the teaching assistant and her speech therapy teacher). I find that the teachers appreciate handmade gifts a bunch and it's always fun for the kids to tell their teacher that they made it special.

Another gift idea I've heard is things like gift cards. I used to teach dance and I got lots of gift cards at the end of the dance year all 4 years I taught - I loved them, especially as a bunch were to my favorite places since the parents snuck around behind my back and asked my family where I liked to go. lol.

My daughter and I also like to make little goody bags for her classmates at holidays and the end of the school year. This year we're making cookies and little chocolates (we make our own chocolate candy at our house because it's cheaper and doesn't have a lot of the junk that's in store chocolates). We're also going to the dollar store and getting little gifts for each bag. I put it all together and put in little cards that my daughter writes on (we get the printable business cards and they are the perfect size for the goody bags).

Yes, it all takes a while, but it's really fun since I do most of it with my daughter and I think it's more special than a store-bought mug or something :)

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