What's good for a cough my baby has one and she's 2months a home remedy anything?


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Gena - posted on 01/25/2015




Has she got a cold?You could try using baby vicks on her feet..just ask if its ok for a 2month old baby. We have a cold cream for babies called Pulmex. And there are special cold relieving bath. We used it when our son was a baby and had a cold. I also agree with Sarah,if she has problems breathing etc take her to the doctor. I am using my phone otherwise i would have looked it up for you. Google Hand drumming against coughing. Its a safe method where you use your hands and tap on the chest or back to help the phlem loosen.

Marina - posted on 01/25/2015




That's what I been using I call my doctor and she said there's no medications for her age just praying it goes away fast and it doesn't help that everyone at my house it's sick including myself :/

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