What's happening to my 3 1/2 baby? Please read =(

Ariane De - posted on 03/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone, I'm new to this community, I've been reading tons of posts and decided to join and post my story. I know it's long , but please help a desperate mom. :'(

My baby is 3 1/2 months and ever since she came home from the hospital she has never been a good sleeper.

She would nap during the day ok but always woke up during the night, which I guess is ok for a newborn and exclusive breastfed baby. But when she turned around 1 month old, she started not napping so much during the day and sleep at night has just been getting worse and worse each night.

Here's what's happening:

I start her bed routine around 6:30-7 pm, bath, lotion, swaddle, feed. She will feed for a little then fall sleep, I put her down and she wakes up 10-20 min later, I will then feed her again where she will fall asleep and I put her down and she wakes up in 20 min sometimes less and that cycle of feeding, falling asleep, putting down and waking up goes up until 10:30 when she will finally fall asleep and sleep between 2-3 hours. From there she cannot sleep well, I feed her in the middle of the night put her down and she will wake up between 30 -40 min to 1 hour and it goes on until she's up for the day, around 7am.

I've tried everything! Swaddle, white noise, warm bath,co sleeping, gas drops, gripe water, put her in her crib, she doesn't even sleep well on my arms or husbands which she used too.

I just don;t know what do anymore, and on top of that nursing her has been tricky she will feed well at some feeds but most of them she starts pulling at the breast, comes off then cries and goes back on.

She cant fall asleep on her own, I've tried many times to put her down very drowsy and she just opens her eyes wide open and I have to rock her back to sleep. She will sometimes fall asleep on her own in her swing but for only 20-30 min. Her naps during the day only lasts 20-40 min mostly 20 min long.

My mom tells me to give her formula because she is hungry, Im beginning to think she is hungry specially because she gains weight very slowly and the dr says she is petite ( born 6.10oz and is now 11.5oz ) but then I know she is gassy, I think she is also colicky or she could be teething, she has been biting her hands but she doesnt really drool, but then with teething I dont know if it could be that because then she would have slept better before.

Last night she got only 4 hrs of sleep total :'(

I'm just so tired and sad that I cant help her.

I'd love some advices, is this just a phase? Is she teething? Is she waking from gas colic? Did we spoil her by rocking her to sleep or letting her sleep on our arms? Ear infection?

I know something is bothering her but I just don't what!



Liz - posted on 03/17/2013




It's so hard when baby doesn't sleep well, because then you don't sleep well either. It WILL get better.

It is doubtful (although possible) that she has an ear infection. My doctor has always told me that it's rare under 4 months. It's also possible that she's teething, but since you said she's pretty much always been this way, that's doubtful also.

Do you have a pump? I would suggest pumping instead of nursing her for one feeding, and instead give her a bottle of formula. Compare how much breastmilk you pumped to how much formula she eats. See how she acts. She may be more gassy, so try burping her after every ounce of formula. If she acts happier, then you know she's not getting enough to eat, and you could try supplementing with a couple of ounces of formula after you nurse her.

Some babies just aren't good sleepers. I have a friend whose son is 4 months old and he sleeps horribly at night, but is one of the happiest babies I've ever known. I hope you figure out what's going on soon so you can get some good rest!

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