what's is the best thing to give my two year old for his terrible cold and cough


Jane - posted on 02/01/2014




Make sure with his doctor it isn't something more than that then follow whatever they suggest and you feel comfortable with regarding medicines. Chances are with this time of year it is a cold like the ones you got and I got and our parents got and our grands got. So the very best thing you can give is the cure-all only a parent can give-- your love and time. Have chicken soup and animal crackers for lunch. Watch his favorite movie. Read to him his favorite story 20 times (with gusto) till he falls asleep. Build a pillow fort to help him do battle with the germs get his favorite teddies and action heroes ready to meet any invader. The meds are the special Fighting Potions/Tablets that will give him the strength to win the battle.


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