What's the best first food for a baby?

Merry - posted on 09/27/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




So Fierna is a month or so away from 6 months and as she gets closer to ready I'm wondering what I should give her first?
Eric I gave rice cereal first and I'm so not doing that again, so what is the best first foods?


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I started Jacie a week before she turned 6 months. She was grabbing my plate...hence the reason that guacamole was her first food (other than the ice cream and jelly that some family members felt they had the right to feed her).

Kate CP - posted on 09/27/2011




Some sort of fruit. My son loves pumpkin, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, bananas, and apples. :)

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Gabby tried to wrestle me for peanut butter toast when she was 5 months old. Funny thing, she almost won. LOL

Merry - posted on 09/27/2011




She's going to be 5 months in just over a week and she's fighting me for food! She's grabbing everything I eat or drink and trying to shove it in her mouth :) she's accidentally gotten licks of banana, strawberry, refried beans and cheese sauce :/ I swear I try to put her down to eat but she screams! So I hold her on my lap while i eat and I'm having to hold down her hands! She's adamant. So I'm excited to allow her to eat as soon as possible. Eric couldn't care less for foods til like 10 months but she's SO interested. It's tough!

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NOT rice cereal.
Avocado and bananas all mushed together. Squash, sweet potato, pear, oatmeal...I didn't do the whole introduce one and wait 3 days or a week. She got something new every day.

Stifler's - posted on 09/27/2011




Mashed apples. Pumpkin and sweet potato and carrot is what I gave Logan after rice cereal. I've heard avocado is the best though.

Minnie - posted on 09/27/2011




Liver or egg yolks. Lots of protein, lots of iron, easily digestible.

Avocados are another excellent choice.

Nikki - posted on 09/27/2011




I gave Issy pear as her first food, she was a big chewer so I gave it to her in a mesh bag as well as a tiny amount pureed. The reason I chose pears is because it one of the lowest allergen foods. Her second food was avocado.

A lot of people told me me not to give her sweet food first, but I don't believe in that theory and I have had no difficulties getting Issy to eat vegetables.

I can't believe Fierna is almost 6 months!

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