what's the best way to avoid mother in laws spoiling young brain?


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Ok, then tell them grandma is old and has different views from you. Then tell htem what you believe.

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Could you be more specific? Are you talking about traditional grandparent spoiling or do you mean your mother in law is teaching your child things you disagree with?


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Sushmita - posted on 04/21/2012




You are right I am talking of things mother in law teaching things I disagree with. THEY ARE SUCH AN UN DESCRIBABLE PROBLEMS.

Kaitlin - posted on 04/17/2012




I guess it depends on what you mean by spoiling. I don't mind the kids playing with certain toys/getting certain treats at their grandparents as long as they have something healthy/enough running around time outside, etc. We did have to create some very specific boundaries with them (both sets) and we have to enforce them regularly. If you're worried about toys- it depends on the kid ages. My in laws buy tons of toys for the boys, and we never play with them, they always have tons of parts, fancy type toys, etc. I just leave them in the package and sell/give them away. There are only so many toys in one's house. As they get older, I'm hoping the grandparents will be the ones buying the 'big ticket' items (name brand things, leggo sets, etc). ;) Hope that helps, there weren't a lot of specifics.

If you're talking about something you specifically don't agree with (right and wrong, religions, discipline, etc) you need to be very specific with them. Be firm and tell them what you expect and if they can't agree, then you need to re evaluate the situation.

S. - posted on 04/17/2012




As long as my childrens granparents spoil them equally (had big problems with that one in the past) we just let them do it, as long as they don't think if mum says no ask grandma. I did however have a problem with the mil when she had a go at me for spoiling my children at Xmas (the only time I do truely spoil them)

Amy - posted on 04/17/2012




My kids are spoiled by both sets of grandparents. They don't expect the same thing from my husband and I, they are very well adjusted. If it excessive try talking to your mother in law or teach your kids to give back, we go through the kids toys before holidays and birthdays and donate to kids who are less fortunate.

Louise - posted on 04/17/2012




Grandparents are suppoed to spoil their grandchildren and as long as it is not ridiculous I cant see what is wrong with that. Saying that there is a limit and the children need to understand what is to much to accept and what is not.

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