what's the best way to get a toddler to listen?

Shannon - posted on 08/20/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My oldest son is 3yrs old. He has now somehow developed an attitude. Says No to myself and hubby. Also he yells at his 6month old brother. He also no longer wants to go potty, he rather pee and poo in his pull up. We get down to his level and talk to him, but it doesnt seem to work anymore. We also use Time Out spot and once he's done he goes back to the same stuff he was doing. Yelling doesnt work. My husband took his TV out of his room and even took all his toys away. We give him our attention, we also have to give our youngest attention. My husband will be going back to school soon so i need some advice on how to handle my 3yr old so i'm not going insane everyday! HELP! We also take walks and stuff but when its time to leave the park or like yesterday hubby took him to see some trains in our town and he didnt wanna leave the toys train area to see the Real trains which he loves and loves to see them! Im suffer from migraines and sure as heck doesnt help when i do get a migraine. My hubby also will be working part time. He works full time right now so he does need his sleep but if i ask him to watch the boys he only watches one not both which frustrates me to no end. I just need some help before i ship him off to Military school or boarding school lol Or i end up in the crazy house.


Nancy - posted on 08/20/2012




I think your doing the right thing at time out and going down to his level . have you seen super nanny?? start all over . Family meeting you should right rules on a board and explain the consequences if not followed . if he done good during some activity he gets a sticker after 7 stickers he get to pick from a special box . time out should be 3 Min cause of his age and restarted if he not staying at his place eventually hell stay it may take an hour but he will stay . iv tried it myself first few day were ruff then worked like a charm good luck hope it works

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