What's the best way to have birthday parites for g/b twins?

Kelly - posted on 06/21/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have girl/boy twins who are turning 6 in September. Usually, when we celebrated their birthdays in the past, we had family and friends over on the same day, had a cake for each one (that they each wanted), and sang happy birthday to them one at a time. It is very important to me that even though they have the same birthday, we recognize they are two separate people. Now that they're getting older, they getting interested in having kids birthday parties as well. I'm wondering how I could do this? Considering they're boy and girl, they have different interests, some same friends and some different, and, again, their own individual. What are some ideas that I could do to give my children the opportunity to have their kids party they want without either of them feeling disappointed with something?


Amanda - posted on 06/21/2012




I don't have twin babies but I have a brother who is less than a year older than me (both born in sept.) and my mother used to have our birthdays together almost every year growing up. My favoite birthday that I could remember that my brother would most definitely agree with me on was when we were eight. My mom had all of our close family members over and let both my brother and me invite 5 of our closest friends. My mom laid out a plastic tarp poured shampoo on it and hosed it down. It was a blast because we all played together that and "twister" and we were set. My mom used to make special cakes for us as individuals (usually based off whatever we were into at the time of our party) Taking the individual time to personalize each cake to each of your children should do the trick as far as making them feel like their own person. this party plan is also a great way to save money. Forking out money to have two different parties at two different venues, back-to-back can certainly put you and your wallet in a hole.

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