what's the best way to teach your 15 month old no


Chet - posted on 07/19/2014




You can't - not reliably.

As much as possible, remove dangers and temptations. Make good choices obvious, and bad choices difficult or impossible. You need to orchestrate situations and environments such your toddler "chooses" to behave and cooperate.

Tell you toddler what they should do, instead of saying "no" and "don't" all the time. "Touch gently" is preferable to "no hitting". "Roll the ball" or "hug the dolly" is better than, "no throwing toys". You're asking a lot of a toddler when you say just no and expect them to think up the correct alternative all on their own.

Say what you mean. If you mean stop say stop. If you want your child to put something down, or give it to you say that - in the simple language. If you say no to everything it can end up meaning nothing. Save no for when you really need it.

Distract and redirect from problem activities. If your child won't stop doing something take them to a different room, or a different place in the same room, and start them with a completely different activity.

Often these things work best in combination. If your toddler harasses the dog, limit contact with the dog. When your toddler hits the dog, say "pat the dog" and demonstrate a soft pat... then redirect to an activity that is away from the dog.

If you limit your use of no, and only use for really serious things, not stuff that's just annoying, your toddler is more likely to pay attention... but you still can't count on it.

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