What's the funniest name's you have ever heard of?


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Sarah - posted on 03/09/2012




Holly Wood


Melena (is a medical term for a type of poop)

Candida (also a medical term for yeast)

No offense tat all o the lady on here with this kids name (and I'm sure I won't spell it right) but Cross Rhodes

Mary Christmas

Pat Paterson

John Johnson

Okay, now i mean no offense to anyone at all, and I'm sure there are people that don't care for my kids names (Benjamin and Natalie). I just always like to encourage people to pick a name that is suitable for both and adult and a child. They'll be an adult much longer than they'll be a kid. Some of these names may seem cute, but can get them teased mercilessly as they venture through childhood. I think childhood is hard enough without giving the bullies ammo.

Deidre - posted on 03/09/2012




My son's father was serious as a heart attack when he suggested we name our son "Incredible".... He was serious and I just wanted to DIE!! Thank GOD I always have the final say!! LOL

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