What's the one thing?

Heather - posted on 04/19/2011 ( 19 moms have responded )




What is the one thing you're glad you purchased/recieved to help care for your babies? What is the one thing you could have done without and wish you hadnt purchased/recieved?

Im so glad I had a bouncer. My son used it every day until I fnally put it away when he was 8 months. He loved his bouncer and would bounce himself in it and giggle he out grew it by 6 months but let him enjoy it a little longer.
I could have done without a diaper ginie!! What a waste of money. I feel I empty it constantly and it does nothing for odor control and the bags are expencive. I now just throw his diapers in the trash can that sits in the garage.


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Charlie - posted on 04/23/2011




My sling was awesome especially when the boys were newborns , I could get everything done while they were cocooned in there .

baby change table - useless .

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Thanks, Joy! I suppose I didn't know about them because I'm a cloth nappy mum mostly. We only used disposables when going out or travelling, for day care or in cases of diarrhea. We always just threw them in the rubbish bin. I can't imagine having a dirty nappy sausage. Yuck!

Karen - posted on 04/21/2011




I loved my swing and walker! My mom bought me a sling and it worked OK. I used it a lot when he was little but we'll see if it gets filed under 'must have'. The bottle warmer was such a waste of time and money. I thought it would be easier, and it just ended up taking space.

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When my 3 year-old was little we bought a little projector with three disks (animals, fish and stars). It's a Homemedics product, but we got it at Ross (a discound store in the US) for really cheap. It realy helped my daughter with her fear of the dark...

I mus admit, I really like my Diaper Genie II (it doesn't twist between each diaper), but it did break really easily when my daughter was bout 6 months old and we never replaced it.

The most useless thing I got was baby massage gel. I used it once and it was sticky and gross - NOT something to use to calm baby down since I had to give her another bath afterwards!

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Here Donna:

Basically, it's a bin for diapers. You put these really loooong plastic bags in it. Each time you drop a diaper in, you turn the lid and it twists the bag inside. In the end, you basically end up with a big "diaper sausage" and it's gross! My SIL and a friend of mine had them years ago and all it did was make them not worry about taking out that particular garbage regularly. When they DID empty it, it STUNK SO BAD!!! Someone offered to buy us one when I was pregnant and I politely said, "No stank you" lol

Jackie - posted on 04/21/2011




I would say the most useful thing was a pack-and-play that dubbed as a bassinet. What a life saver that thing was/is. And the monitor with the screen on it so I could see her.

The wipe warmer was useless.

I still use the diaper genie and she's two :)

Carly - posted on 04/21/2011




I was so so so glad I bought a movement monitor for my baby's cot. I never missed a moments sleep wondering if they were ok, I never had to sneak in to check on them. A god-send! I must admit I love my nappy-bin...

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Johnny, I hated using a blender for making baby food too. I got myself a mini food processor that worked a treat!

The food processor and my ergo were probably the best things. The biggest wastes of money were the pram (a gift) and the cot. Other things I was gifted and never used were a baby bath (it's housing chickens now) and potty. Oh yeah, another waste of money that I bought was a nappy bag! Ive used it three times in four and a half years. Geez, so much money was wasted before I had my first child.

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My pram theres no way I could carry my son down the school and back every day. One thing I bought that I never use is shoes, they do my head in falling off all thr time so i never put them on him anymore

Tcordukes - posted on 04/21/2011




my kids loved their walker.... kept them occupided for ages while i did the boring stuff like clean and cook....
We got rid of everything between kids the one thing we didn't get for second was a change table... i find i always changed on the bed, floor, pram, etc.

Angela - posted on 04/20/2011




we had a mobile that played music and had lights which we had put on my first daughters cot...the most useless thing for us because she never enjoyed it so it was never used. But as soon as my second daughter came along, we placed it on the change table and it was the BEST thing we ever did...makes nappy change time so much easier for she is occupied with the mobile!!! So glad we didn't get rid of that one (we were very close to giving it away). Love my mini blender which helps me grind up all meats. bumbo...waste of money

Bonnie - posted on 04/20/2011




The baby swing we used was awesome. It is a plug in one that plays music and has three little toys that dangle from the top. Both my boys would just stare at them non-stop.

I would also have to say the Diaper Genie is the most useless thing. The diapers still smell up the room once there are at a small bunch of dirty diapers in it.

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Aside from the obvious things like a crib and bassinet....I'm gonna go with the bouncer too! That thing was SO HELPFUL at shower time for me! There were many times I wouldn't have been able to take a shower, or would have had to wait until my husband came home, had it not been for that wonderful thing! The thing I could (and did) live without and wish I hadn't purchased? The bottle warmer. We thought it would make life easier for the middle of the night feeds but to get it to the perfect temperature you HAD to put EXACTLY the right amount of water in it or it would either be too cold or scalding hot. In the long run, we donated the bottle warmer and found it much easier to just place the bottle in a conainer of warm/hot water and let it warm that way. By the time the diaper was changed and baby was dressed again, the bottles would be perfect.

Krista - posted on 04/20/2011




I definitely loved my baby swing -- for months on end, it was the only way I could get my son to nap!

The high chair was useless. We wound up just switching to a plastic booster seat instead, because as soon as he started trying to feed himself, I had to wash the upholstered high chair cover every damned day.

Stifler's - posted on 04/20/2011




The swing chair was awesome I borrowed it from a friend and she still isn't pregnant again so I have it for this next baby. He sat in it heaps while I did things and loved swinging in it. And yes the stick mixer! It's my mother in laws but I've claimed it, so much easier than a food processor for quickly pureeing foods that are hard to mash with a fork instead of getting all the stuff out and setting up. Also a dust buster, it's at it's peak of usefulness right now with a 15 month old instead of getting the big vacuum out it just sits in the corner ready to flick it on and suck up crumbs and stuff from the kitchen floor or under the high chair without warranting vacuuming the whole house.

The bumbo chair we bought was the most useless thing ever. It does nothing.

Johnny - posted on 04/20/2011




My Ergo. My daughter lived in that thing. It meant she could nurse or sleep or just chill and I could still get stuff done. It was great for walks, and my husband used it until she was 2 to take her on the bus to my parents while we worked. Seemed expensive when I bought it but it turned out to be a huge bargain!

I actually didn't buy or receive anything that I didn't really use. Although I probably ended up with too many potties.

The one thing I will buy for next time is a food mill. It would have been way way easier than a blender when moving to solids.

Betty - posted on 04/19/2011




I purchased a sign for my sister in law that hangs on the carseat "please wash your hands before you touch mine" I really wish I had one for my boys, especially my premie. And I absolutely hated the diaper genie!

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