what's the price for one hour of baby sitting?


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When I (infrequently) had sitters, I'd poll my other friends with kids to see what they paid, took into consideration exactly what sitting entails (does it mean bathing? Does it mean meal preparing?), and asked my sitter what her usual rate was.

15 years ago, 5-8 bucks an hour was reasonable. But, if you're in a high income area, the rates can (and should) be higher, same as with a lower income area.

Basically a good sitter, one who is trustworthy and responsible, will meet the needs of her clients for an agreed upon price. That price doesn't have to be the same for each family, either. I had one family consistently pay me $30 a night for a 3 hour outing (in 1985), and another that paid me $15. It depended on what they could afford.

If your kids are "high maintenance", be prepared to pay more. If a sitter is having trouble with your kids, it's not worth the pittance that they actually make.

But, honestly? Ask around your area what the going rates are! Because a sitter in Wyoming is most likely going to charge less than one in (say) NYC

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