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Daisy - posted on 06/03/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Moms I have a question. Based on yours experience as moms or even profession please tell me what's going on with my 3 yr old. He's very smart! He counts up to 20 he knows all he's shapes, all he's colors, he knows his abc's, he recognizes every letter and number, he can count, he can write he's name, he was walking by 1, potty trained by 18 months, he talks in sentences and has incredible good memory, nothing abnormal so far, just one thing that scares me, when I don't do what he wants, let's say he wants to wear a certain shirt (he's very particular about clothes) which it's ok w me as long as is weather appropriate, but if for some reason I don't let him the way he reacts is extreme!!! He freaks out! He freaks out before I even tell him no, if he sees that I go and pick out another shirt from the drawer he freaks out screaming (high pitch) he throws him self on the floor! (I know it's called a tantrum) well this has been going on since he was a baby and I'm very strict with him, when he was little I thought, well he can't talk so he over reacts bc he can't communicate, since he started talking I explain to him please use your words, tell me you don't like that shirt, that you would want another one but please talk before you cry, HE WONT DO IT! Not one time! If he wants to play soccer and it's raining outside and I say No beca......he starts yelling and crying before I even finish! He does this at least 3 times a day. the other day he woke up and I could hear him crying very angry in his room and I thought oh maybe he was sleeping in his arm and it hurts him, I go over and he was screaming bc he's hungry! I was like umm..you can come to me and say mom I'm very hungry! Please feed me now! I've told him sooooooo much that I'm starting to think there could be something wrong with him??! Any tips? What do you guys think?


Jodi - posted on 06/04/2014




So how do YOU react when he does this in these situations?

By the way, he sounds like a perfectly normal 3 year old.

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