What's your baby's schedule is like?

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Hello Moms,

First time mom... He is 3 months old and i was just wondering what your baby's schedule is like?
-What is it like before his bedtime?
-Do you have ritual? Singing to him? Reading to him?
-How much do you feed him as his last feed before bedtime? (bottle fed babies)
-Do you give him a bath before bedtime and if so what is the time usually? What time is too late for a bath? Do you bathe him everyday?
-If you do have a schedule; how many hours does he sleep... from what time from putting him to bed to waking up.

Thanks in advance for any replies :)


Michelle - posted on 06/03/2013




I no longer have little ones like yours but with all 3 of mine the night time routine was:
6:30-7pm bath
After the bath then it was bottle. If they were still wide awake I would read them a book and then it was bed time. They were fed the recommended amount of the formula tin.
I always made sure the lights were dimmed and it was quiet time after bath time so calm them down. My kids are now 12, 9.5 and 3 and I still have "quiet time" after showers and baths. It makes it easier for them to get to sleep.
I personally would bathe them after 8pm but that was just because I wanted to go to bed.
At 3 months they would still wake a couple of times for a feed during the night. He is still a baby so please don't force him to grow up before he's ready.

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