What's your greatest fear as a parent??

Erinn - posted on 06/24/2009 ( 19 moms have responded )




Mine would have to be not being the parent I wanna be and somehow failing my children!

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Dianne - posted on 09/19/2012




My GREATEST fear is losing my children to death or abduction. This fear enters my mind every day. I thought I was crazy but I have googled this fear excessively and I think all parents fear it.

Death is so fearful because it is out of our control.........

I have read of mothers that have lost a child and how they have learned to live with their grief but I honestly don't think I could ever survive it. I hope that I never have to.

Emma - posted on 07/10/2009




My biggest fear is that i dont make my kids street smart. I hope i can instill enught self confidence in them to be safe and not be sheep following the crowd. The world is full of stuff that i hope they never see or do but realisticaly know i have to arm them for this world. ( or keep them in a bubbel till they are 40) LOL

Ashley - posted on 07/10/2009




i almost lost my son last yr to bacterial meningitis at 2 wks old. so i would say my biggest fear would be actually losing him and my newborn as well.

Libby - posted on 07/10/2009




I too have lived my greatest fear. I have also lost a child. I never thought I could live through the death of one of my children. But I have. So, now that I know I can survive that I realize that my biggest fear is an abduction or something being done to my child. I think not knowing where my child is or what is being done to him would be totally devastating.

Ruth - posted on 07/10/2009




I have lived my greatest fear. I lost my son in a car accident which saw our car end up in a river. I managed to get out but, as I was 6mths pregnant, was unable to get back to him. That is the worst feeling - more than losing him, was that i couldn't get back to him and he was alone.

Anne - posted on 07/09/2009




#1 is definitely the fear of losing him (illness, accident), but a less dramatic, but more long term fear is for his future-he is mildly autistic and life is just not going to be easy for him. I can't be there when he struggles at a job or is made fun of because he doesn't understand things that children his age normally would. I can only love him, be there for him, and hope for the best.

Ann - posted on 07/09/2009




Mine fear is now... Out of 3 kids, My Oldest ( 18) thinks she knows it all & even though it was touch/go in our relationship as mom/daughter, She has recently moved out of our home with her boyfriend/ 2 classmates.. Reason why.. Was she not only needs extra space but needs to experience life on her own ( lol, Paying bills & collage life). However, A Parent sooner or later has to let their kids grow up but my "Fear" is... Our daughter decided that's she's ashamed of her parents/ siblings & to 1 point even refuses to keep contact with us. I dont like being excluded in her life & feel very upset with her treating the boys parents better then her own parents!!

Ann - posted on 06/25/2009




Well, I have 3 great kids... 2 Girls, 1 boy.But, Also when it comes to girls, They can be very differcult to raise ( Boys are easy!). Our Oldest just graduated from high school. The downside with her is ... During Her entire School Life, She has made Our Mother/ Daughter relationship "Impossiable!" Why? She is very talented, gifted & alot like me to the point She doesn't accept the fact that "I" am the "Boss" & tried at a very young age during her school days until 17 years of age to have me in all sorts of trouble.. Including false reports of me "Abusing Her" to Children & Youth. LOL, They came out almost every other year to find " No Abuse Going On " & "They" finally ended up telling her to stop reporting "Me" to them & Others need their help & She has to "Follow The House Rules" until she turns 18 years old. Now, She has Graduated High School & is in the 5th percent of her graduation class ( Very Smart).

Our Relationship?... Since She is an Adult, She has been involved with a boyfriend who also graduated with her & has been with for over 4 years & on purpose is moving July 1st of this year ( 2009) with him & another couple before going off to college. Apparently, She avoids me when she is in my home & is very rude, disrespectful, nasty towards me all of the time. I tried to get close with her, Only to be rejected!! Yes! I love her, But feel this Boy's family has interfered with our relationship also!!

My Son.. He's got an anger problem, But yet He treats Me better then my oldest. lol.

My Youngest is a daughter & She's starting out like her sister at age 10 & She likes to cause problems with her brother ( teasing).

Is there anyone going through this?

Jennifer - posted on 06/25/2009




Losing my children is definetly my biggest fear...like in a terrible accident or severe illness/disease. I worry about it to much, but its not in my control...so all I can do is pray...but I still get worried you know? I just could not live without my kids!!

[deleted account]

Losing her and feeling there was nothing I could do to prevent it. Not really worried about abductions etc but more like accidents and illnesses. It will probably change but this is the worry of the moment.

Sandra - posted on 06/25/2009




Them not being happy when they grow up. I don't worry at all about abductions or things like that - the world is wonderfully incredibly safe. But I worry and pray that they will be happy when they are older, with family and children. That's all.

Kim - posted on 06/24/2009




Not being able to protect them when they are not with me. So we teach them the best we know how, let them know what we expect of them when we are apart, and pray for God protection.

Cathy - posted on 06/24/2009




my biggest fear other than someone hurting them would be losing the tight bond we have now when they become teenagers and adults.

Neddy - posted on 06/24/2009




As a parent we can teach, guide and let them know right from wrong and hope they learn from that, but my biggest fear is someone taking my children and doing wrong to them. One of my daughters' Jaylene, at a young age would sometimes walk in the lounge while i was watching forensic and similiar programmes and would just so interested in it. Of course my husband would tell her to go and watch her tv. One day i said "let her watch what can happen out there and that will let her see the world as it really is" but i would guide and teach her why these things happen and why she should not wander off or whatever it was. At the age of 14 it has taught her how to be aware of what's out there.

Rosana - posted on 06/24/2009




Erinn I think that there is no handbook to do the job of parenting and we all do the best we can. I have the belief of following my gut instinct and my belief in treating others as I would want them to treat me,thats what I have taught my son. I fear the future more so and all the outside influences of technology be it tv, internet other children to influence my child to do the wrong thing or take the wrong thing thats what scares me the most...:(

Priscilla - posted on 06/24/2009




I have a list of fears. My top 3 are : (1) My son badly hurting himself (2) His rebellious teenage years (3) Losing the bond that I have with him now when he grows up.

Sheri - posted on 06/24/2009




my greatest fear would have to be not being able to provide the life for my daughter that she deserves. I want her to have many opportunities throughout her life.

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