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i am 17 years old with a 2 year old son i am having numerous problems at my house i live with my mother its her my brother me and my son i have to constantly watch my brother im always cleanin up after every body(of course me and my son) but my 35 year old mother and my 10 year old brother like come on now when my son goes with his grandpa i cant go out and have fun with my friends or go to a party sometimes beacuse i always have my brother with me cause my mom is always at home sleeping and if i leave my brother there while my mother is sleeping he will burn the house down cause he is a piro(likes to play with fire) so i have to take him with me everywhere i go. but then on the other hand the reason why my mother sleeps alot is cause she has sleep apneah (don kno how to spell it) and she constantly just falls asleep so i don really kno watt to do ???


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Counseling and some type of assistance for your entire family might be helpful. Your son is definitely your responsibility, but raising your brother isn't. Then again, he's your brother and you love him and want him to have proper care... which is why some counseling, etc... needs to take place. Is your mother being treated in any way for the sleep apnea? If not, a counselor or a doctor should be able to point you guys in the right direction to start finding an appropriate solution to this situation.

I'm sorry. That's all I've got.

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