What should I be feeding my 8 month old? How many solids? How many bottles?

Sara - posted on 11/23/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I use gerber foods, and she's on level 2. Can I start level 3? She just started crawling and has 2 teeth. Can I start giving her foods that she needs to chew? She has a bottle about ever 3-4 hours. HELP!!!


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Sandy - posted on 11/23/2010




Hi Sandra. The baby foods are pretty easy for them to eat with or without teeth. I think it totally depends on each child. You can try several different variations to see which your baby responds to best. Try going to the baby food for meals, and then bottles in between those meal times. You can let the baby have the dessert and fruits baby foods as a snack mid morning and mid afternoon, and then at night after dinner too. She will likely need a bottle less, but may be having a bottle every 3 to 4 hours because she is not getting enough just thorugh the bottles. You can also try oatmeal. My boys both loved oatmeal, but they were eating a thin soupy oatmeal at 3 to 4 months old. All babies are different and are ready for food at different times. I do not believe that doctors and others can tell you exactly when your baby is ready for food or not. They are not all the same.
Best wishes to you and the little one. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Sara - posted on 11/23/2010




Level 3s say from 8mths and up. If she has teeth you can try to give her bitter biscuits or other little chew treats. My daughter is 10 mths old and she has no teeth but she eats everything. If she has the chewing or gumming motion going she is prob ready. Just watch her the first time to see how she is doing. I have feed my daughter 3 times of jar food a day since she was 6 mths old. Now she eats one jar at breakfast, 2 njars at lunch a fruit and veg, and 1.5 at dinner. And in between she has 3 bottles. She also gets snacks and stuff in between. They have a jar food that has cut uo apples and carrots that are like finger foods they are very soft and easy to chew try those.

Joslin - posted on 11/23/2010




Hello, my son is also 8 months old! :)
Usually i mix up his gerber food i use level 2 and 3!
Also for a snack i give him gerber graduates food such as the puffs or they have little vegetable chips that he loves. For dinner i give him mash potatoes and some kind of vegetable. And for the bottles i let him chose when he wants to drink a bottle he probally goes through about 5-7 6 ounce bottles a day

Chelsea - posted on 11/23/2010




Have you tried finger foods too? Cheerios, Fruit and veggie puffs...my daugher is 9 mos and loves anything she can feed herself. I feed my daughter 3 times a day- solids. Breakfast: Baby cereal, fruit, & cheerios on her high chair tray

Lunch: veggie, fruit or veggie puffs

Dinner: Oatmeal w/ left over fruit & veggie from the day

~Not always the same everyday. I mix it up or I'll just offer 1 oatmeal or cereal a day. Just an example of what I do.

I breastfeed too.

Recently, she's had her 1st cheese- cottage cheese and pinched off bite size pieces of string cheese. Just remember whenever adding a new food wait at least 3 days between the next to make sure they don't have any bad reactions.

Krista - posted on 11/23/2010




She might be a little young for level 3, but I would maybe try her with a little bit and see how she does. If she gags on it or has a hard time with it, then just wait a little longer before trying again.

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