what should i do ????

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ive sent my son to an early learning program hes turning 4 in january and it seems that he has trouble coping with having other kids around since hes an only child and never listens to the teacher i switchd him to a regualr daycare and hes acting the same wa. i dont know what to do with him anymore because now the daycare doesnt want to stay with him anymore either because hes a trouble maker


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Does he have behavioral problems at home or just daycare? If he behaves negatively at home your first thing would be to work on fixing his behavior there.

If not maybe you can try to talk to the daycare provider and see if you two can come up with a plan? You should know specifically what your son is doing wrong. You might want to talk to the teacher and try to come up with a plan that when he's having good sections of the day he gets a sticker and doesn't get one for when he's misbehaving. I say sections because that way he can earn something within a time-frame, he doesn't get a 'bad day' from one misbehavior. Try to put it in for how many sections are within the daycare schedule.

You could then have him come home and he gets something depending on how many 'stickers' he earned. So (lets say there are 4) he gets all 4 he gets a big treat (trip to the park/special movie, stays up later) you know your child so you'll know what he likes best. For 3 maybe he earns something smaller and 1/2 he doesn't get anything but you tell him you hope he does better tomorrow and talk to him about his misbehaviors. If he gets nothing I would put in a consequence, have tv taken away (this depends on his age too because a 2 year old will not understand why he's not getting it whereas a 3/4 year old you can explain why). I would only do this for really bad days where he's done something wrong for each section.

I would have a conversation about his actions and try to explain why he shouldn't do this and what he might try to do next time. So you can say, we don't hit other children, even if they do something we don't like. You know what we can do? If they try to take our things we can say 'no this is mine!' or go and talk to an adult. We can go stomp our feet if we're feeling mad. But we don't hit. Obviously you cater what he should/shouldn't do based on the situation.

Is there any way you can not have him in daycare? Some children do not do well in group setting and maybe giving him some time at home until it's time for school would be good for him? You could take him to a half day program where he might be able to behave the whole time because it's for a shorter time. It's very difficult for some children to be in daycare.

If you must work you might look into finding an individual look after your son? It would be more expensive but he might do better with someone one to one, or even better if they have a child he can be social but in a safer setting with more individual attention.

It is a really tough situation to be in since you can't control how he acts when you aren't around. I hope some of this helps!

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